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Concrete Crafts To Do With Your Family This Spring

April 18, 2018

This week, we are taking a little break from polished concrete to show you just how universal and easy concrete can be to create in the comfort of your own home. Not only does concrete create our world’s infrastructure, but you can also make a plethora of different things with concrete including a clock, a cutting board, and even a framed decoration. So kick back and be ready to be creatively inspired by concrete! Read More

Benefits Of Polished Concrete In An Office Space

April 11, 2018

When deciding between the many flooring options for an office space, there are a multitude of things to consider. Remodeling can be stressful, but there are solutions to your remodeling woes. We recommend using polished concrete floors in your office space because of the many benefits they offer. Below, we will tell you why polished concrete flooring is the best option for your company’s office space. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Polished Concrete

April 04, 2018

At first glance, you may think that a polished concrete floors appear to be wet because of their high-gloss finish, but this is usually not the case. Other hard floor surfaces, on the other hand, options such as vinyl, linoleum, marble, or ceramic floors can all become slippery when wet. Applying a high-gloss sealer to your concrete can actually protect and enhance the surface of your floors as well as reduce slips on the floor. Read More

What’s The Deal On Woodcrete Floors?

March 28, 2018

People love the look of classic hardwood flooring in their homes. This design trend has been popular for decades now because of its timeless feel and simple care requirements. People like them because they prefer it to carpet, hard floors are easy maintenance, and they love the sleek style that hard floors add to a home. However, over the years, there has been a budding trend in remodeling homes with fake hardwood to replace the real thing. This kind of flooring called laminate can last for about 10 years to a maximum of 30 years. On the other hand, Woodcrete can last as long as the house is standing! Read More

Stained Concrete

March 21, 2018

The days of dull, gray concrete are gone! Staining concrete can turn a simple concrete floor into a unique staple piece in any space. You are able to stain virtually any concrete surface including garages, grocery stores, schools, restaurants, warehouses and more. Read More

Concrete Flooring For Commercial Spaces

March 14, 2018

In high-traffic commercial spaces such as restaurants, offices, retail stores and hotels, polished concrete is a viable option for flooring. Concrete floors can withstand abuse more than other flooring materials and offer a wide array of options for the decorative side of things. Commercial and industrial spaces often have a higher demand for durability because they have higher foot traffic and need to protect from any sort of abrasion. They also need to be slip resistant to avoid injury and easy to clean for places like a restaurant that may experience food stains or spills. Read More

Spring Cleaning Polished Concrete Maintenance Checklist

March 07, 2018

Concrete is one of the most durable materials to possibly use for flooring, but polished concrete can become dull over time and lose its shine if it is not properly maintained. Although polished concrete is not completely maintenance free, it is generally easier to maintain than other types of flooring,especially because it does not require waxing or sealants. Read More

Why Polished Concrete Is Beneficial To Those With Allergies

February 28, 2018

Over the years, allergies have become a common issue that millions of people struggle with. It has gotten to the point that businesses have made it a part of their protocol to make sure they ask employees and their clients whether they have any. Ensuring that your home, office, and industrial space is safe for everyone can be intimidating, but fortunately there is a simple way to protect those involved: installing a polished concrete floor. Read More

Concrete Is The Most Environmentally Friendly Option For Your Flooring

February 21, 2018

Over the years, building a home that is environmentally-friendly has become more and more important to homebuyers and homebuilders. Concrete is alluring to people because of its multiple benefits that come without having to sacrifice aesthetics or budget. Going green not only helps our planet, but it also saves money over time. Polished concrete flooring is a pristine example of beauty, sustainability, and investment that will offer a durable, low maintenance floor that will last for decades. Read More

Remodel Your Man Cave With Polished Concrete Floors

February 14, 2018

It’s almost Spring and you know what that means - warmer weather! Everyone knows that men love to hang out in their garage or man cave when the weather permits. Yard games, playing catch, working on a car or cleaning out the garage would be even nicer with a newly finished polished concrete or epoxy coated floor from Custom Concrete Creations! Read More

Custom Concrete Creations holds manufacturer certifications for L&M FGS Permashine and LM Scofield polished concrete systems.