Why Do I Want Stained Concrete Floors?

Be unique! Reactive concrete stain creates mottled and variable color combinations. Your color choice is limitless and you can choose what design you want. Options vary from antique, variegated, mottles, or a monochromatic color stretch! Stained concrete can be used for anything you want! 

Stained Concrete Holds Its Color 

When applied correctly, stained concrete will not lose its color/beauty. In addition to holding its color, it will not chip or peel! Because the stain creates a chemical reaction with the concrete, it requires minimal care to maintain. 

Low Maintenance 

Stained concrete floor is sealed to prevent any stains. Due to heavy traffic and weather exposure, the stained concrete floor will experience some wear and tear. One good way to protect your interior floor is with wax application every now and then. For exterior floors just reseal them as needed! Just like with anything, stained concrete needs it’s regular cleaning, dry dust cleaning and some sporadic wet mop cleaning! Be sure to use a neutral-pH cleaner. 


Improve the Value of Your Property 

Who does not like making their property look incredible? Instead of replacing your floor, you can enhance the look of your floor with minimal effort. You can create the “wow” factor from others by implementing unique color schemes to rejuvenate any space. 

Will Not Change the Durability 

You probably already know this, but concrete is REALLY strong! It can hold the pressure from cars, trucks or any heavy equipment. Also, it can hold up in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. Staining your concrete will not alter the benefits, it just makes it aesthetically pleasing. 

One thing you should know is that every floor takes staining differently. The age of concrete floors is a factor as well as what it’s mixed with. If you are not sure about your floor’s age but are interested in stained concrete, contact us today. We’re here to help you get the floor of your dreams!