What is Woodcrete? 

Wood what? Woodcrete is a term in the concrete world for concrete creations that look like hardwood floors! At custom concrete, we use a high-quality stain on your floors and use an efficient installation process. 

Hardwood floors are a popular trend because of their durability, easy maintenance and it’s aesthetic purposes. Typically, they last about 15-30 years. 

Benefits of Woodcrete Flooring 

  • It’s long lasting! No really it is, if your building is still standing your floor will be right there with it. 
  • Woodcrete is durable. It’s hard to damage. Your high heels, furniture legs and pet claws are no match for woodcrete flooring. 
  • Easy to maintain. Life is busy, these floors will make your cleaning days go by faster. It needs to be sealed or waxed every three to nine months depending on the level of traffic it gets. Besides that, just use a neutral cleaner periodically to mop and clean the floor. 
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor spaces! Use it for your kitchen, bathroom, or even the pool area! There’s no need to worry about water damage. 
  • Environmentally friendly. Concrete is considered one the most eco-friendly materials out there! Also, if you want to replace your floor, it’s recycled

Things You Should Know  

Although, woodcrete has endless benefits there are few things to consider when changing the floors in your building! As mentioned, concrete is hard and taking a fall on it can cause quite a bit of pain. But what floor doesn’t hurt to fall on to? Also, if you drop something on it, chances are the item you dropped will break while the floor will not budge. 

Standing on concrete for long hours can be painful, you can purchase a fatigue mat for areas you plan to be standing in for long periods of time.

Brrr it’s cold! There is nothing worse than stepping into work freezing! Those winters can be brutal, and concrete floors have little insulating value. One way to offset this is by using carpet and rugs to cover your floor! 

The benefits outweigh the cons, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today for your beautiful woodcrete floor!