The best places to install polish concrete

Written: February 20, 2019

The best places to install polish concrete

Polished concrete is taking over homes and businesses! It has become one of the most popular flooring options for homes and businesses everywhere. Home and business owners are taking advantage of all the polished concrete floors pros and cons and making the right choice to installing the best kinds of floors!

Polished concrete floors pros and cons  

When making the decision on installing polished concrete floors in your home or business,  here’s what you should know.

Take note that because polished concrete floors are made of concrete, it’s built to last. You’ll have  timeless flooring for years to come.

Another benefit of installing polished concrete flooring is that it’s hypoallergenic. Concrete flooring doesn’t trap bacteria, mold or moisture like other flooring options. The smooth surface eliminates the transfer of these pathogens in a home or business!

Going green? Concrete floors are perfect for those looking to be more sustainable in their everyday lives. The flooring is made primarily out of raw materials found in the Earth! It can also be made with byproducts, crushed glass, recycled plastic and other forms of waste.

The only downside about polished concrete is that it can be chilly on the feet. However, there’s a simple solution, and that’s radiant floor heating. It can be installed before the concrete floors are finished and it will help your energy bill as well.

These are just some of the best places to install polish concrete :


Kitchens are the heart of a home. They’re constantly being used which means . kitchens need a flooring option that withstand heavy traffic. That’s why polished concrete makes the best addition to a kitchen's design.

A kitchen needs a floor that can withstand any spills. Polished concrete floors were designed to make cleaning up spills a breeze. The polish finish protects the concrete from allowing any liquids to penetrate it. Don’t cry over spilt milk, it can be cleaned with a single wipe!


Basements are located in the lower levels of the home. If your basement happens to be prone to humidity, it would be smart to avoid any flooring that attracts humidity. Polished concrete is ideal for basements because it will protect the floors and basement from retaining any mold.

Flooding in basements can occur and homeowners need a type of flooring that won’t be  damaged if there’s a large amount of water. Other flooring options like carpet or vinyl will end up getting ruined. If water starts to accumulate on those materials, it can start to grow mildew and mold. Polished concrete does retain moisture and maintenance is easy as pie.


Homeowners need bathroom floors that won’t get water damage. The last thing a homeowner wants is to have to rip out an entire floor every couple of years because water has caused damage. That’s why bathrooms need a floor that’s durable and can get no water damage.

Polished concrete is the answer to this problem. Concrete can resist any water damage. There won’t be any worrying if wet feet touch the floors or if the tub spills water. Homeowner can have it cleaned in a jeffy.


Workplaces can benefit the most from installing  polished concrete. They always have people walking and moving for eight hours every day. It’s essential to have a floor that can withstand heavy foot traffic, and durability is critical for offices. Once they’re installed, they need to work for years to come.

Polished concrete is an economical and healthy choice for office floors. The installation and maintenance are still lower in price than any other flooring option. Plus, business owners can still customize the color and design of the floors. Polished concrete is a healthy choice because it doesn’t keep any allergens or bacteria on its surface like carpet. It will keep the whole office healthy!

The polished concrete floors pros and cons need to fit your home’s or business’ lifestyle. There’s never just one place that polished concrete is acceptable, it can be installed throughout the house. We can help you create a custom concrete creation of your dreams, contact us today to get started.


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