2019 concrete trends for homes

In the past ten years we witnessed a number of advances in new concrete technology. In almost all areas of concrete products including materials, recycling, mixture proportioning, durability, and environmental quality. The innovations of new concrete products have brought forth much more energy efficient and concrete that reduces the carbon footprint.

Unfortunately, for the concrete consumers or even the major part of the concrete industry itself, it hasn’t adopted these new advancements. The new technologies are slowly gaining acceptance.

Some of the major advancements are High-Performance Concrete, Geopolymer concrete and ultra-high performance concrete. These three are gaining its place in the current market trend. High-Performance Concrete is a type of concrete that was designed to durable and stronger than normal concrete. Geopolymer concrete is a much more eco-friendly concrete that reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Ultra-high performance concrete is a type of concrete that has a compressive strength of 17,000 pounds per square inch.

Now for home construction, both interior and exterior should be given equal importance and adequate customization to make it unique. Interior design and styling was usually done using various types of fabricated elements.

Today the trends have changed and people are incorporating more and more concrete into the interior design and décor. Concrete is no longer just for basements that are never used. It’s being used in everywhere from kitchens to bathrooms. Concrete has a grey hue and is considered perfect for adding a neutral taste to the interior décor. The biggest perk about concrete is it can be stained into any desired color. The possibilities of adding it interior design are endless.

Major concrete trends in home decor are the following:

•    Concrete accent walls.

In 2019, we will continue to see the use of custom concrete floors throughout houses but also walls. Whether it’s one wall or all the walls, concrete is making a splash. Concrete walls provide a canvas for any other items in the room to stand out. These kind of walls provide a neutral background on which various artifacts can be placed to create a soothing ambiance.

•    Custom concrete floors

Concrete has been used as the base layer for other decorative flooring techniques. Nowadays people are using highly finished concrete as the floor. A quality concrete floor is smooth and easy to maintain when compared to other flooring options.

Concrete also happens to be a cost-effective flooring material. Concrete is eco-friendly, highly durable and will retain heat while keeping out moisture. Due to its flexibility of design, it can pair well with different decorations, or simply be a building block for whatever design will go on top.

•    Concrete bathrooms

Bathrooms are meant to make you feel like you are in a five star spa. In 2019, we will start to see more and more bathrooms incorporate concrete into their designs. Concrete happens to be the most versatile material that can literally be used in any space, whether it be the living room, outdoor space, or garage. Concrete can even prevent bathroom slips because of its texture.

•    Distressed concrete

Concrete has an ability to add more texture to space around you. Adding textures can increase the uniqueness of your space. That is why distressed concrete is taking over! Distressed flooring gives the illusion of the aged and rustic look. This kind of flooring will give homeowners that industrial and contemporary style they are trying to achieve!

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