Alternative For Raising Sunken Concrete

Recently we blogged about slabjacking sunken concrete. While doing some research on slabjacking we found that there is a new alternative to raise sunken concrete. While traditional slabjacking, also known as mudjacking, has been utilized for decades, there is now a less labor intensive way to raise sunken concrete. Basically, in the new system the mixture of cement based grout is replaced with a two part polyurethane that reacts then expands creating sufficient force to fill any voids and raise the concrete slab.

The polyurethane concrete lifting material is available from Hydraulic Mudpumps Inc (HMI) and it comes in multiple formulas that are made for various application purposes. These applications range from filling voids to raising sidewalks and residential concrete to raising highway and industrial slabs. The main benefit of using the polyurethane system is that it is formulated with specific characteristics needed for each individual job.

The polyurethane system is more efficient than slabjacking. Slabjacking requires shoveling the grout materials into a mixer, then adding water and different pumping agents for consistency, next the mixture is put into a slabjacking pump hopper. After the mix is in the hopper the pump is moved to the slab that needs to be raised. Once the hopper is empty these steps must be repeated until the job is complete. Using the polyurethane system quite a few of these steps are not needed.

When using the traditional methods and materials with slabjacking it requires moving tons of of materials and heavy equipment. The polyurethane material is much easier to transport and work with. With the polyurethane system the process begins with using a hose and an injection gun, attaching the gun to the injection port, and simply pulling the trigger. The material can stay in the hose when the equipment is turned off so there is not any wasted material. Jobsite cleanup consists of only patching the injection holes.

There are two liquid components that create the polyurethane foam. These liquids are kept separate until they are combined at the tip of the injection gun. There is a chemical reaction when the two liquids mix creating a foam that expands 20-25 times its volume within 15 seconds. It takes 15 minutes for the polyurethane to set reaching its total compressive strength.

Hydraulic Mudpumps Inc offers training sessions and educational sessions on how to use the polyurethane pumping system. (Click here for more information.)

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