Common Polished Concrete Flooring Problems

In recent years, many commercial and industrial buildings have made the switch to polished concrete floors, and for good reasons too! Polished concrete floors offer a wide variety of benefits. From being very durable and low maintenance, customizable, energy efficient and more, technology has innovated concrete flooring and taken it to the next level. However, with pretty much everything in life, concrete floors do not last forever. No matter how much maintenance and cleaning you do, at some point, damages will occur. 

At Custom Concrete Creations, our team are your polished concrete floors experts! We have many years of experience and have seen it all. Below, we discuss the most common problems concerning polished concrete floors, and what you do to reduce these damages from occurring.

Stains and discolorations

The number one problem that many business owners face with their concrete floors are stains and discolorations. Stains can occur from a number of different things, but are usually a result of unattended spills or liquid buildup. Discolorations can also be a result of improper installation of your concrete slab as a whole. 

Also, many businesses choose polished concrete floors as their flooring solution due to the fact that they are easily customizable, and can be colored to fit into any design. However, if your floor’s finish is not properly applied, you could be left with inconsistent coloring. 

Whatever the case may be, stains and discolorations can be an eyesore in a commercial setting. Which is why, it’s important that you clean up your floors daily, hire a professional concrete company to properly install your concrete floors, and ultimately keep an eye out for any stain or discoloration spots. 


Cracking has long been the most common damage when it comes to concrete, and can lead to you having to replace your entire floors. However, no matter how well you take care of your floors, cracking is something that can almost never be avoided. When concrete floors are installed, the chemicals within the concrete itself can end up shrinking. That is why making sure that you hire a professional concrete company that will properly install your floors is so important, to reduce the risk of early cracking in your concrete floors. 

Too much moisture

Lastly, concrete is prone to absorbing moisture, and too much moisture can significantly damage your concrete floors, causing mold and mildew buildup. Although polished concrete is finished with a polish that is used to stop moisture from penetrating into your concrete, if it’s not applied properly, it may not work. 

Although damages can arise, polished concrete is still one of the most durable flooring materials you can choose. And with the right maintenance and upkeep, these damages will rarely happen. Be sure you are regularly maintaining and cleaning your polished concrete floors to keep them lasting great for many years. 

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