Concrete flooring in the brewing industry

It’s not an easy task to create an atmosphere ideal for manufacturing brews while also being a place people want to visit. There are certain considerations that facility owners need to take into account prior to selecting floor coating. Whichever option you choose, Custom Concrete Creations will be there for you every step of the way.

Here are some considerations to think about when planning your brewery: 


Chemical resistance 

The ingredients used to brew your products such as yeast, alcohol, malts, enzymes, brewing sugars as well as harsh cleaning chemicals could all erode the finish on your concrete over time. Your concrete floors need to be an anti-slip, high-performance coating to withstand prolonged exposure to these substances. 


Slip resistance/anti-slip properties

Breweries are inherently prone to wet surfaces and standing water. Adding an anti-slip additive to your floor system can help minimize the risk of slips in areas prone to spills. Anti-slip flooring will provide added safety underfoot for employees working in production as well as guests touring your facilities. 



You likely already have your hands full running your business, so floors shouldn’t be a maintenance headache. Having floors that require minimal care and upkeep ensures you will have extra time to focus on what matters most - your business. 

If the floor is not easy to clean and spills are left unaddressed, stains will develop into permanent damage of the coating and lead to bacteria build up. 

Hygienic properties 

Brewery floors must be food safe to discourage the growth of harmful microorganisms. If the surface of your floor is uneven then waste water can pond and create a serious contamination incident that could have been avoided. 

Another way to increase hygiene in your facility is to have a seamless surface with no cracks or crevices. Being aware of these issues can help you prioritize sanitation in your facility and prevent future mishaps.  


High impact and abrasion resistance 

Your flooring should have the mechanical strength to withstand continuous impact from high impact items such as kegs, barrels, pallets, and heavy machinery. It should also minimize abrasions that are likely to occur from hose ends and heavy foot traffic. 


Thermal shock resistance 

All flooring materials expand and contract along with changes in temperature. When this occurs at a rate significantly different than the concrete substrate, delamination, cracking, and deterioration may occur. 

Thermal shock resistant flooring and coatings expand and contract at a similar rate to the concrete below, helping to ensure your industrial floors stay seamless, hygienic, and functionable.  

Brewery flooring will likely be exposed to factors such as steam cleaning and other hot production by-products, making it vital that your flooring have excellent resistance to rapid and extreme temperature shifts. 


There are many considerations when designing a new brewing facility. If you’re looking for high-quality flooring solutions, Custom Concrete Creations will help you develop a complete flooring system that’s right for you. 


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