Concrete floors for everyday living

Whether you’re building a new home or doing a major renovation, exploring different floor options for style and sustainability is a tall task. While carpeting, wood and tile all have their benefits, we can’t help being partial to concrete floors for your home.

Polished concrete inside your home opens a variety of style options. While some have the initial perspective of concrete floors being “cold” or “industrial”, there are countless ways to create a beautiful and cozy space.

Aside from an aesthetic value, concrete floors inside your home have several benefits.

Easy maintenance

Concrete floors require no more than a weekly mopping with soapy water. We can’t help but love a simple solution to home cleaning. Our favorite way to clean a polished or stamped concrete floor? One gallon of warm water combined with one-quarter cup of mild dish soap.


While the cost of concrete varies on a case-by-case basis, concrete flooring in your home can be relatively economical. Through different stains and finishing techniques, a unique and authentic look can be accomplished at the fraction of the cost of natural stone.


When maintained appropriately, a polished concrete floor in your home can last a hundred years or more! A polished concrete floor can withstand the stress of weather, a growing family and the grit that goes with it. Stressing about damage to wooden floors or carpet stains is a way of the past.


Concrete floors in your home give endless possibilities when it comes to style. Mixing materials is a very popular trend today!

You’ll find many modern homes mixing materials to create a truly custom home. Textured wood ceilings or fireplaces paired with polished concrete floors is a trendy and diverse way to customize your home.

Relax the room with soft rugs and lush indoor plants. Bright and airy window coverings can also create the illusion of a more delicate space.

A polished concrete floor is a modern, easy solution to a never ending quest. Finding a flooring that is durable, attractive, and versatile.

By collaborating together to create a custom concrete floor for your home, we’ll give you an end-product that is authentic to you and your neighborhood. Why have the same wood floor or frieze carpet like everyone else? Choose polished concrete for your everyday living.

Custom Concrete Creations is chosen to help facilitate projects because we are the preferred custom concrete floor company, not only in Omaha, but for the greater Midwest region. No project is too big or too small for our team of seasoned experts who use state-of-the-art equipment on each and every project. We help you achieve the look of your dreams and do not consider the job done until you are happy with the results. Give us a call or contact us for your custom concrete needs today!