Concrete Terrazzo Epoxy Floors

Terrazzo was invented in the 1500’s by the Venetians, which makes it one of the oldest known types of decorative flooring. It was made with small pieces of marble or granite embedded in mortar then is polished to a desired level of sheen. Today, epoxy terrazzo is commonly used which is much thinner therefore requiring less thickness. The traditional terrazzo required a thickness of two to three inches, while the epoxy terrazzo requires only ¼ to ⅜ of an inch. The new age terrazzo is perfect for achieving multiple colored designs because the epoxy resin matrix can be colored to any color due, similar to paint. The new epoxy terrazzo can incorporate many types of rich colored aggregates, like granite or marble, mother of pearl, recycled glass, and more. A divider strip can even be used to divide areas of different color allowing patterns, designs, and logos to be created.

When installing epoxy terrazzo it is important to make sure that the concrete floors are clean and prepared properly. Applying a primer first is recommended to help improve the bond between the concrete and the epoxy. The two component epoxy resin is then mixed with a decorative aggregate and poured onto the concrete slab. A divider strip is used during this process if more than one design or color is desired. Dividers are also used at control and expansion joints to help prevent cracking. The divider strips are thin and flexible and can usually be shaped by hand, but may also be prefabricated for more intricate designs.

The epoxy mixture is then applied, if dividers are used, then it is troweled to the top of the dividers and then the mixture is left to cure for at least 18 hours. After the epoxy mixture has cured the surface is ground and polished using varying grit abrasives until the desired level of sheen is achieved. It’s during this process when the beauty of the aggregates show through. Lastly, it is recommended to apply a sealer to protect the floor from water and other liquids or chemicals.

Epoxy terrazzo is very durable and is ideal for industrial, commercial, and other business settings where low maintenance and longevity are important. You will often see epoxy terrazzo installed in train stations, major airports, institutions, arenas, schools, and more. It is common to see epoxy terrazzo anywhere that you will see crowds of people.

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