Custom Concrete Coatings for Your Garage

A lot can be gathered about a man solely by looking at his garage.

A variety of things like tools, cars, heavy equipment, and kids’ playthings adorn most garages. Some serve as workspaces for at-home tinkerers, while others are entertainment centers complete with chairs, TVs and more. Of course, there’s always the designated beverage fridge!

No matter the specific purpose of your garage, its floor remains the most important feature.

There are a few kinds of custom concrete coatings that can complete your garage, and keep it looking great while being durable for decades. We’ll outline them below so you can make the right choice for your garage.

Epoxy Coatings

We’ll get straight to the point: the best thing about epoxy flooring in a garage is its attractive appearance.

Epoxy comes in many colors and textures. Most varieties feature colored chips embedded in the surface for a nice added touch. What are the actual components of an epoxy coating?

Most epoxies are a combination of a resin and hardener. The resin spreads evenly over the underlying concrete, filling any gaps or imperfections that may exist. The hardening component creates a chemical reaction, giving the floor a super-strong surface that will resist damage from almost anything you throw at it!

Going back to its appearance, the range of colors adorning your epoxy garage floor is extensive. If your garage is painted to honor your favorite sports team or scattered with wall signs, your floor can match! We can customize our signature garage floors with any color of  resin and confetti chips you want.

Epoxy Paint

If a full epoxy resin system is either beyond your budget or beyond your needs, there’s a type of compromise.

Epoxy paint is not a full-on epoxy, and will not offer the same protection to the underlying concrete. It is a type of latex acrylic paint formulated with a very small amount of epoxy resin. This makes it more durable than normal acrylic paint, but still far less so than an epoxy resin system.

This solution might be right for your floor if the existing concrete is in good condition and doesn’t require resurfacing. It may be gray and dull, which a colored epoxy paint can definitely help improve.

However, if you're looking for a floor to last decades then you'll need to consider a more advanced resurfacing.

Sealed Concrete

Whether you’ve just purchased a home or put off renovations for a period, you may have inherited a less-than-ideal concrete garage floor. If this is the case, a full re-pour and sealing job is the best solution.

One option is a concrete overlay, which leaves the underlying concrete mostly intact. These can be customized with a limited range of colors, but won’t be as vibrant as an epoxy.

If you want an entirely new surface to work with, your concrete must be removed and re-poured. This way, we can ensure an even grade and strong joints that will last longer than the concrete you’re replacing.

The next step is to seal the concrete with a chemical solution. Penetrating sealants harden and protect the concrete without changing its appearance. Other high-gloss sealants form a coating over the concrete that also protects it from spills, most impacts and other common issues such as tire tracks.

If you’re still not quite sure which of these custom concrete coatings is right for your situation, give us a call!


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