Disadvantages Of Epoxy Flooring For Your Garage Floor

It’s hard to find a flooring solution that can withstand the test of time when there are going to be pros and cons to every solution. If you read the blog we previously did about the advantages of epoxy flooring, you are probably wondering what the disadvantages are.

Here are the disadvantages to putting epoxy flooring in your garage:

  • Temporary
    One of the major drawbacks to getting epoxy flooring is that it is only temporary. Even though it is very durable, you will eventually have to replace it. Everyday wear and tear and cracks can take a toll on the flooring. The floor needs to replaced when this happens.
  • Slippery
    Most epoxy floors are skid resistant, but this doesn’t apply to floors that are oil-covered. These floors can also be very slippery when they are drying. Epoxy floors are not good in areas that are prone to spills or water on the floor.
  • Preparation
    A lot of effort goes into getting floors ready for epoxy coating. The concrete has to be cleaned and free of any grease or oil and cracks need to be filled.
  • Application
    ​Not only is the preparation time consuming, but so is the application process. The first coat has to completely dry before you can add on the second coat and the drying time can take several days.
  • Smell
    Wet epoxy coating can have extremely strong fumes. Darker shades of epoxy tend to have a stronger ammonia smell after you apply it.
  • Sensitivity
    Epoxy flooring needs to be applied according to the directions. If it is not applied like it is supposed to be, then it will not last as long as it should. Leave it to the professionals to apply your epoxy flooring.
  • Adherence
    Epoxy does not adhere well to floors that are in moist environments such as a basement. If applied in a damp environment, this can cause the paint to peel up. Of course, professionals can help combat this drawback.
  • Additional Costs
    The homeowner installing the flooring might need to buy additional cleaning products to ensure that the epoxy sticks.
  • Removal
    Once the epoxy is applied, changing the colors and the design of your can be really labor intensive and very costly to the homeowner.

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