Environmentally Conscious Polished Concrete Floors

Today, polished concrete floors are the popular in both residential and commercial buildings. The most desired feature of polished concrete is the numerous decorative options available. Polished concrete floors pair well with other decorative building materials as well as have the ability to be a statement piece. Polished concrete also can imitate the look of polished stone with it's high luster shine, which adds a sophisticated esthetic to any home or business. Besides the appealing visual qualities of polished concrete, concrete flooring is economically friendly and durable. The installation and maintenance of polished concrete floors have various environmental benefits.

Optimize Energy

Concrete floors normally decrease the cooling and heating amounts within a home or building because the concrete absorbs the suns heat during the day and releases the heat as needed throughout the night. Energy can be saved due to the light reflectivity of polished concrete increasing light reflectivity that allows for fewer light fixtures and energy use because of the floor’s high gloss. In the summer or hotter climates, concrete floors protected from the sun will stay cool for longer periods of time and reduce air-conditioning costs which will significantly cut heating and cooling bills. These cost reductions are also known to save extend to HVAC equipment costs and replacements. Polished concrete also adds to the brightness of natural light reducing the costs of energy / lighting. 

Lifetime Flooring 

Concrete floors should last a lifetime when properly poured and maintained. Concrete floors have incredible endurance which other materials such as carpet, tile, and wood floors lack and will eventually need replacement, which uses more resources and creates problems with disposal. When compared to other flooring options, studies have determined a 65% savings of maintenance costs.

Easy to Clean and Easy on the Environment

Polished concrete floors do not require stripping or waxing with harsh chemicals like other flooring options do, so concrete reduces the amount of possible contaminants to be released into the environment. This also makes it a lot easier to clean using only eco-friendly products. ​Polished concrete floors have a very flat, smooth texture on the surface, so the dirt stays on top making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. It even requires less product than other flooring options to clean.

Concrete Flooring Provides Health and Comfort

Other indoor air contaminants that can be irritating are also reduced by concrete flooring. Coatings and adhesives are not used in finishing polished concrete. The concrete densifier or hardener or applied to concrete during polishing has little or no VOCs and does not contain solvents. It is also a great choice for those who suffer from allergies because concrete does not hold mold, dust, pollens, or dust mites compared to carpet. Unlike carpeting, concrete floors also do not contribute to the growth of toxic mold, which with carpet can trap bacteria and encourage mold growth.

Improved Environmental Quality Overall

Polished concrete floors are beneficial at improving the overall interior quality of your building or home environment as well as on the exterior environment. Choosing this stunning, versatile, and beneficially healthy flooring option will provide a low maintenance, durable floor that will last the life time in your home.  

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