How Long Does a Concrete Parking Lot Last?

Longevity is an important consideration when paving and maintaining a parking area. Many factors have an impact on the lifespan of a lot. They range from the traffic level to the pavement material. Concrete and polished concrete tends to outlast asphalt under the right conditions.

If you have a business that will need a parking lot, you will definitely want to consider concrete. It is beneficial to build with products that will last a long time when it comes to heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear. A parking lot will definitely have a lot of vehicle and foot traffic and you want to be sure that you won't have to provide much maintenance on it. 

The more maintenance you have to do to repair your parking lot, the more money you will have to dish out. If you go with something that will last you a long time, you will ultimately save money in the long run. 


You can find several different estimates of this material's longevity, but experts generally believe that concrete parking lots remain usable for approximately 20 to 50 years. The lifespan of comparable asphalt surfaces is often five to 20 years shorter. Nevertheless, both kinds of pavement can fail prematurely in certain situations.


Concrete has the ability to withstand frequent traffic and heavy vehicles. It often outperforms asphalt in this regard. However, traffic counts still affect its longevity. Your parking lot probably won't last as long if you have a particularly busy shop or restaurant. Heavier autos also reduce the pavement's lifespan; they include large trucks, buses, and RVs.


Paved surfaces will deteriorate faster if you don't maintain them on a regular basis. For instance, it's crucial to apply a high-quality sealant. A professional should seal the lot at least 21 days after paving. Resealing becomes necessary after 24 to 36 months. Heavy traffic and harsh weather call for extra maintenance.


Parking lots decay more rapidly in certain climates. If the ground freezes repeatedly, it may affect the pavement's lifespan. Heavy snow or rain can have an impact as well. Bright sunlight also promotes faster deterioration. Unless you're willing to cover the entire lot, you don't have much control over this factor.


Concrete will last considerably longer if the paving company uses the right supplies and techniques. For example, it's crucial to select the proper thickness depending on the types of vehicles that will travel across the lot. A parking area usually needs thicker pavement than a sidewalk or driveway. Surfaces must also drain properly to maximize their lifespan.

The bottom line is that well-maintained pavement may last up to five decades with light traffic and a favorable climate. If you'd like to benefit from the longevity and attractive appearance of a concrete parking lot, please contact our helpful staff to request a quote or learn more.

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