July Special!

Do we have an awesome deal for you or what?! During the month of July you can save 20% off of metallic residential or garage floors! Metallic floors are the latest trend and can be customized to give the appearance of marble! The color combinations are endless and the floors are timeless, low maintenance, and very durable. Metallic epoxy floors can be applied inside of the residence or in the garage. It is a great option for indoor areas and withstands high traffic because of its durability and wear resistance. A protective top coat will further extend the life of the metallic epoxy floors as well as protect against scratching and abrasions. A hard wax can also be applied every few months to help maintain the floors if they are subject to heavy foot traffic.

Different visual effects can be achieved with metallic epoxies. After the epoxy is applied to the floor, different kinds of solvents can be added to move around and diffuse the metallic pigments of the epoxy. Doing this can create the appearance of a melted molten or plasma type of effect, or even a flowing water type of appearance can be achieved. Some products available are even designed to work with compressed or forced air to produce visual effects such as rippling water, waves rolling, or moon craters. Multiple tone effects can be achieved by adding separate layers at the time of application as well. There are numerous color options available and many techniques used to give the floors unique designs. Custom Concrete Creations has 50+ color options and combinations available to customize your concrete finishing needs.

Another option for your garage floors is to polish them. Polishing concrete is similar to the process of sanding wood. With polishing concrete, machines are used that have diamond-segmented abrasives. The machines grind the concrete to varying levels of shine and smoothness depending on what is desired. Polished concrete floors are very low maintenance and are ideal in high traffic areas.

You can also opt for epoxy or polyaspartic floor coatings applied to your garage floor with other decorative options such as color flakes. Polyaspartic coatings have become particularly popular as garage floor coatings, this choice is particularly useful for anyone that cannot be without their garage for more than one day. With the fast curing time, equipment can be moved back into the garage before the day is over. The epoxy floor option does take longer to cure, but epoxies have their advantages too.  Epoxies are preferred in industrial settings like warehouses and areas where there is a lot of heavy vehicle traffic, such as forklifts. This is because epoxies are more durable, much harder, and have a lot higher of a compression strength. If you work with items that are associated with sulfuric acid, epoxy floors fair better with as well.

If you have been considering finishing your garage floor or an area inside your home, give us a call today to take advantage of the 20% off special during the month of July!!