Polished Concrete in Wineries

A polished concrete floor can be a beautiful and unique addition to any space. There are lots of options to choose from when designing your concrete floor to fit the aesthetic of your choice. One place that really benefits from a properly designed and thought out interior design is wineries. 

Many people come to wineries for the atmosphere. This means a place that feels elegant, luxurious and unique. This means that whatever pieces, colors, furniture and elements you choose to include should be cohesive and up-scale. Polished concrete gives that wonderful luxurious feel that most visitors are looking for and it is also very logical when it comes to durability. 

Though some winery owners may worry about wine and the durability of polished concrete, it actually is a great choice for a couple of different reasons. 

Why the hesitation?

Oftentimes winery owners can be hesitant to include a polished concrete floor in their space because it is a porous material. This means that substances are easily absorbed and it is easy to stain. When combined with wine, especially darker wines, this is an obvious problem. 

Wine is also very acidic, which can damage concrete. The damage can create cracks or surface leaching, which is incredibly unappealing and can also be a hazard if cracks are big enough. While all of these things are true, polished concrete combats all of those hesitations due to the way it is prepared and sealed. This makes polished concrete a wonderful choice. 

Thermal shock

Polished concrete floors are often found in tasting rooms for their visual appeal and durability when it comes to heavy foot traffic and wear and tear, but it is also an excellent choice in the back of the house where the wine is being made. The back of wineries are often cold, but can contain barrels or tanks with hot liquid. If that liquid gets spilled, it can cause problems with other types of flooring. Polished concrete will be unaffected by quick changes in temperature. 

The best way to ensure your polished concrete will withstand all of the wear and tear, spills and thermal shock is to be sure that it is prepared properly. Be sure to properly sand and grind the surface so that the stain and sealant can fully penetrate the concrete. This will prevent any liquids from absorbing into the flooring causing staining or cracking. 


Polished concrete is a great choice for wineries because it is incredibly sanitary. These floors are easy to keep up on maintenance because they require no chemical cleaners. Using a pH-balanced cleaner once or twice a day provides enough maintenance to keep them looking clean. Polished concrete floors have no grout lines, which means no spaces to collect bacteria. Tile and other floors that have grout make it easy to miss small crevices that can harbor different types of bacteria, making polished concrete the most sanitary choice. 


Polished concrete is often used in places that have a strong aesthetic appeal because they are very easily customized. Polished concrete can be stained a number of colors, which gives you a great opportunity to play around with color within your space. Using a natural color can create an inviting, organic and natural environment, which using a brighter color can create a more modern and playful feel. 

To further your branding, you can create an underlay with your logo. Not only does this look cool, but is a great way to keep your branding cohesive and present within the space. 

While many people may be hesitant to incorporate polished concrete into the flooring of their winery, it is actually an excellent choice. It is durable, low-maintenance and easy to customize. Contact us today to see how we can help you transform your space!