Polished Concrete VS. Linoleum

When looking for the perfect flooring type for your organization, business or facility, you are faced with a lot of options. All different flooring types have all different pros and cons and are best used in certain situations. This means that depending on what your foot traffic, cleaning schedule and other factors look like, your decision may be difficult. 

Polished concrete flooring is an awesome decision for almost any space. There are plenty of pros, with a few cons of course, but it is customizable, low maintenance, durable and cost-effective. When compared to the other flooring options you may be faced with, it seems that polished concrete almost always comes out on top. 


A popular flooring option that has been around for many, many years is linoleum. Many people like the look of linoleum flooring and it is also a fairly cost-effective option to go with; however, linoleum flooring has quite a few factors that may toss it out of your consideration. It has a slight cushioning effect because it compresses and bounces back when walked on. That is a plus for a lot of customers as comfortability is a factor they find important. 

This flooring is made from all natural and renewable materials. This can include linseed oil, cork powder, pine resins and wood flour. Pigment dyes are then used to give the flooring different coloring and patterns. Linoleum is not a flooring that can be DIY’d. That is because it comes in sheets that need to be cut and placed evenly, then attached with an adhesive. It often needs a protective coating to protect it from scratches and fading. The cost of linoleum is typically around two to five dollars per square foot. 


If you are looking for a durable floor, linoleum is probably not the best choice for you. It may hold up to heavy foot traffic, but it is unlikely to hold up well to heavy equipment, furniture or anything sharp that it may come in contact with. The legs of furniture are likely to leave dents in the flooring, which is very unattractive. Other sharp objects like high heels can also leave dents.

Polished concrete is an incredibly durable option. Concrete is one of the most durable substances used in construction and once polished, it is fairly indestructible to most things that it comes in contact with. It cannot be dented by furniture, high heels or other sharp and heavy objects. 

Susceptible to elements

Linoleum is not a great option if it will be in contact with moisture. Spills, splashes or places with high humanity would not be optimal for linoleum flooring. A sealant on top of the linoleum can help, but coming in contact with moisture often would likely ruin the flooring and because of frequent maintenance. 

Concrete is a porous material, which means it would usually be very susceptible to moisture as well, but once it is ground and sealed properly, it is pretty impenetrable to moisture. Of course, long-standing puddles of water or other liquid can be harmful to any flooring whether natural or synthetic. Polished concrete can stand up to areas that can be in contact with moisture. 


Ambering is a process that happens when light frequently hits linoleum flooring. It can cause it to darken and discolor. There is little you can do to fix this problem once it has occurred. Some suggest that you may be able to remove items in the area and open curtains to let the sun hit the floor more evenly to create a more even ambering effect, but this is not guaranteed to work. A UV-resistant coating can be applied during installation, but cannot keep the flooring from discoloring completely. When ambering occurs, it is important not to use chemicals or cleaners to reverse the process because it will only make it worse. 

Polished concrete is very durable to sunlight and other exposure. You do not need to worry about ambering. 


Both linoleum and polished concrete should be resealed to continue their protective qualities. Depending on the foot traffic and usage, resealing may be required sooner or later. 

When deciding on a flooring for your space, polished concrete is often a great option due to the durability and low maintenance qualities. Give us a call today to see how we can fill your space with a beautiful floor!