Polished concrete vs other flooring options - Which should you choose?

For years, carpet and hardwood have dominated the flooring industry, however, there's a new option that is taking the market by storm - polished concrete



Carpet first made its debut in the early 1800s. Since then, it has become one of the most popular flooring choices for homes and businesses. Consumers often opt for carpet because it’s easy to install, relatively cheap and it comes in a wide variety of color and style options. 

However, there are some drawbacks. Carpet requires a lot of maintenance, is prone to staining and wear-and-tear and it does not last as long compared to other flooring options. It also cannot be used in some spaces such as; bathrooms and kitchens. As a result, carpet has been losing popularity. 


Ceramic tile 

A lot of consumers might not know what ceramic tile is. It is a material composed of  sand mixture, clay and other natural products. Once it has formed into the preferred shape, it is put in a kiln. Consumers can then choose if they want it glazed or keep its natural finish. 

It can be used in nearly every room in your home or business and is among one of the most versatile choices in terms of color, design and style options. Although it is among one of the most used flooring surfaces, ceramic tile has its disadvantages. It can be slippery, expensive, difficult to install and does not retain heat and solar energy well. 



Vinyl flooring is known to be used in kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms and other high-traffic areas that are prone to wear-and-tear. Although vinyl can be a cost-effective alternative to other flooring options it is often made with chemicals that can be harmful, not sustainable and susceptible to humidity and moisture damage. 



Hardwood has recently made a comeback as a popular flooring material. It is appealing to consumers because it adds value to your home and looks attractive. On the flip side, hardwood floors can scratch and stain easily, require a lot of care and can be quite expensive. 


Polished concrete 

There is nothing quite like polished concrete. This flooring option is becoming increasingly popular among home and business owners and rightfully so. 

There are endless benefits of polished concrete including: 

  • Available in unlimited colors, finishes and styles 

  • Extremely durable and long lasting 

  • Unless installed poorly, is not prone to humidity and moisture damage 

  • Sustainable and recyclable 

  • Inexpensive 

  • Requires little care and maintenance 

  • Reduces heating and cooling costs 

  • Creates a slick, aesthetically appealing look suitable for any style preference

  • Fully customizable


Overall, polished concrete is a great option for any space and is unmatched in terms of benefits. If you have never considered concrete floors, now is the time. 


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