UPDATED: Polished Concrete VS. Vinyl

Polished concrete and vinyl are two popular options when it comes to flooring solutions for businesses. While both of these materials offer similar benefits, there are key differences as well that makes choosing between them a little easier. 

At Custom Concrete Creations, our team of polished concrete specialists knows commercial flooring solutions inside and out. Below, we discuss the differences between polished concrete and vinyl floors, and which one is better for you space!


The cost of polished concrete depends heavily on the area that is to be covered. In addition, a more complex design like woodcrete would cost a bit more. Vinyl can cost anywhere from two to five dollars per square foot, which does not include installation. 

While a concrete flooring may cost more, vinyl tends to have a shorter lifespan, which means more frequent repairs, maintenance and replacements. In the long run, vinyl may end up being more expensive with everything considered over time. 


When you start to consider flooring solutions for your business, your first thought probably isn’t the noise that the floors will make. However, some floors are a lot louder than others. Footsteps and other impacts tend to be louder when you're in a room with a concrete floor. Vinyl may be better for absorbing sound and contact directly onto the floor. This includes high heels, equipment or other materials hitting the floor. Fortunately, you can use floor mats and strategically design your space to reduce the amount of noise that comes from your floors!


While both options are less vulnerable to water damage than wood or carpeting, concrete offers the greatest durability. Polished surfaces are particularly easy to clean and can withstand many elements that would damage other flooring options. When sharp or heavy objects are dropped on polished concrete, it will not harm the floor like it would more vulnerable surfaces like vinyl. Polished concrete is well suited for high-traffic areas and sees little damage from heavy foot traffic. If there is damage, oftentimes all that it needs is a reseal. 


Both of these options allow you to customize your flooring choice. If you are looking for a bright pop of color, stained concrete can give you that. It is also easy to customize your space by underlying your logo in the polished concrete, which you are not able to do with vinyl.  Vinyl is fully customizable and can provide intricate patterns if that is more of the look you are going for. If you want to change the appearance of either flooring material in the future, it's generally necessary to install a new surface layer.

Both of these flooring materials are similar in offering many benefits. Vinyl flooring is less expensive, less loud, and comes in a variety of colors when compared to polished concrete. However, polished concrete offers more durability, longevity, as well as unique customization, making it a useful flooring choice for high-traffic areas. When searching for your next flooring solution, keep this guide in mind!

At Custom Concrete Creations, our polished concrete specialists are here to help with your next flooring project! Give our polished concrete specialists a call today to learn more about our concrete flooring services.