Refinishing old concrete

If you have recently purchased an industrial building for your commercial business or you are renovating your current space, you may be working with some old concrete flooring. Oftentimes, these industrial buildings will be filled with dingy, boring concrete floors. Business owners will likely be tempted to put something over top of them and choose  new flooring all together, but there is actually an alternative.

Linoleum is a common flooring that people often choose when they need new flooring. The reason is that it is fairly inexpensive and comes in a wide variety of color options. The problem with linoleum flooring is that it is not very durable. This means that with foot traffic, heavy furniture or equipment it will get worn down and need to be replaced. 

Though it seems like a more affordable option to begin with, chances are it will end up costing you quite a bit of money in the long run because of how many times it will need to be repaired or replaced. If you live somewhere that has snow in the winter, linoleum is not a great option if it will be exposed to a lot of moisture.

So, you have a concrete floor to work with and don’t want to put linoleum over top. What should you? Your best option is to sort through our custom concrete finishes and find one that suits your style!


If you decided to go with polished concrete instead of covering up your flooring with something else, we should be your first call! The preparation shouldn’t take too long depending on how large your space is and what type of shape your concrete is in. 

Typically, the first step is to go through and seal any cracks or joints with filler. This will prevent further cracking once it has been polished and makes the floor look seamless. Next, the concrete is ground with a 30 or 40 grit metal-bonded diamond followed by an 80 grit metal-bonded diamond. 

The installers will ensure that the surface is super clean and ready to be polished after fixing any joints or cracks and grinding the surface down to be sure that it is flat, smooth and there are no imperfections. The installers will then typically apply a hardener or densifier. These work to chemically alter the concrete at the surface, which will ensure that it is not powdery or flaky.


If you’ve chosen to look through custom concrete finishes, you will see that you have quite a few options! At Custom Concrete Creations, we have several different finishing options to perfectly fit your style. There are three grades, which include a cream finish, a salt and pepper finish and a large aggregate finish. We can also provide different gloss levels depending on what you want your concrete floor to look like. This includes low, medium and high reflectivity as well as highly polished. 

The coating will be added to the concrete and once the look is achieved it should be sealed and protected. This will help it stand up to grease, oil, chemicals and moisture. 

If you have a space with already completed concrete floors, don’t let it go to waste. Choose the custom concrete finishes that will amplify your space the best and give us a call today! We can completely transform your space into a modern and industrial dream!