Update: Saw-cutting and Scoring Concrete

Scoring concrete is a great option for new and old concrete slabs, it is a simple way to add texture and depth to a blank slab. You may be wondering how to score concrete. Scored concrete is made up of various grooves that create a pattern or design, the grooves are cut directly into the concrete. Scoring is also known as sawcutting. 

Scoring or sawcutting concrete is different from stamping concrete in that with stamping, texture is added to the concrete with the pattern. With scoring cuts are made into already cured concrete which can be new or old slabs. Interior or exterior concrete can be scored to create various decorative designs and patterns. 

It is critical to ensure the concrete has an intact surface and is structurally sound before starting a scoring project. If there are weakened areas where the concrete is flaking or chipping, or if there are cracks present, then you will want to consider a decorative overlay instead.

Designing scored concrete

Some ways to use scoring in concrete are to create straight lines including borders, diamonds, bands, stars, rectangles, squares, or other shapes such as circles. After the concrete is scored, the different sections of the designs can be stained, painted, or dyed different colors to create an impressive finished look. 

Basic designs are a great way to reduce costs, but if you are looking to do a more elaborate design the options are endless. Curved lines and circles with multiple colors in the different sections can create a much more dramatic appearance. Add radiating lines from the circle or a gentle arch for other design options. In addition, a graphic or logo can be cut directly into the floor to create a unique focus.  

Cost effective and long lasting

Scoring and staining interior concrete floors create an economical option for homeowners when compared to more costly options such as hardwood floors. One of the more popular as well as affordable options when scoring concrete is to create a pattern with a large grid design, which is often cut at an angle to look like diamonds. This type of pattern is also frequently stained in various shades of brown to create a warm tone. However, specialty designs can also be created such as custom logos or this hand-scored vine.

How to score concrete

Special equipment, such as diamond masonry blades are used to do the actual scoring of hardened concrete. There are different machines of different sizes for different jobs, depending on the shape, size, and difficulty of the pattern. For more detailed patterns, concrete engraving equipment is often utilized. 

If you are learning how to score concrete, you need to know the exact measurements. Also, if you are planning on a scored design before you pour the concrete, a groover is an option to create lines in fresh concrete rather than using a saw to cut into hardened concrete. Score lines are usually around ¼ of an inch deep and do not need to be as deep as control joints, which need to be 25% of the concrete slab's depth.

Utilizing scored concrete outdoors

Creating awesome scoring designs can also be utilized outside. This is often done around in-ground pools, patios, or other outdoor concrete surfaces, such as around fire pits. Accent squares of various sizes or scored patterns on top of textured concrete to mimic natural stone can be achieved. Intersecting bands stained a different color can break up sections of concrete into an interesting patio. Now that you've learned how to score concrete, the options are truly limitless!

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