Slip-Resistant Tape for Concrete

Certain concrete finishes can be quite slippery when finished. Even concrete outside can become slick when wet. Sometimes when dealing with concrete that may become slick you only need to add some sort of traction to only certain areas of concrete to help prevent slipping. There is slip-resistant tape that can be applied to these areas. This not only helps prevent falls, but also attracts attention to these areas so that people notice them and take extra caution when walking on them.

The tape is anti-slip and pressure sensitive, it also comes in a multitude of configurations. Almost and shape and size is available, or you can even cut it to fit your specific need. The tape is available in various colors and custom colors and options are available when you order it, such as reflective or glow in the dark. Some tapes available are flexible and able to be applied to unlevel surfaces and also able to secure around corners while still sticking well.

Before installing these tapes you will need to ensure that the concrete is clean and dry. The surface needs to be smooth and the temperature should be warmer than 65 degrees faranheit, but 70 degrees is more ideal. You can prepare the surface with an industrial cleaner to ensure that all debris, soap, and/or wax is removed and then rinse the surface well. Allow the concrete to fully dry before applying the tape. One step that can be easily overlooked, but is critical is apply a primer first. An example is 3M’s tape, the instructions say to apply the primer to a clean concrete surface. It can also be used over painted or sealed areas, just make sure they are clean and dry.

Outdoor concrete isn’t naturally as smooth and it needs to be for good adherence from the tape, so this is why the primer is so important. The primer creates a smooth surface which in turn doubles the adhesion. The primer takes about four to five minutes to dry, then the tape can be applied. If all instructions are followed when applying then the tape won’t have any problems. Most failures happen due to the temperature being too cold or due to not using a primer first.

The tape is easy to prepare. Just cut the desired size and round the corners. Peel the backing off when you are ready to apply, making sure not to touch the adhesive backing, then just press it into place. Start by pressing the center of the tape and work your way out to the edges and corners to make sure that there are no air bubbles under it. A rubber roller can be used to achieve better adhesion.

There are a lot of anti-slip manufacturers. The most well known and largest company is 3M, they offer a large variety of tapes. They also make a primer for the tape. Another good company that makes anti-slip tape is Sure-Foot Industries. You can check their websites out for more information. Always remember, safety first!! (Click here for more anti-slip options.)

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