The Lifespan of Polished Concrete

When you're considering the installation of a custom concrete floor in your business or facility, you might wonder about its life expectancy. No one wants to purchase flooring that won't stand the test of time. Fortunately, polished concrete is a strong and highly durable material. It can outperform many alternatives if you care for it properly.

Different flooring options like laminate or vinyl may be cheaper and give you a certain look, but when considering the longevity, it doesn’t stand up to concrete flooring. Of course with proper care and maintenance, any flooring can last a long time, but you will need to be careful with what you put on your flooring as well as what type of foot traffic will be happening daily.

With polished concrete, you do not need to be as careful. Polished concrete can stand up to incredibly heavy machinery and furniture without leaving indentations. Polished concrete is also durable when it comes to foot traffic. It will not damage the floor to have high traffic daily. Lastly, it is durable when it comes to falls. When you drop heavy or sharp items it will not damage the polished concrete the way that it will other flooring options. This all means that with polished concrete, you do not need to worry about how it will stand up to various factors. 

Life Expectancy

These floors normally remain in service for at least 20 years. They can potentially last far longer with adequate upkeep, especially if they're in favorable locations and have been installed correctly. Unlike some competing options, concrete won't peel or rot. It usually doesn't demand as much maintenance as other flooring materials like wood.


This type of floor has the potential to crack and may need replacement if it develops numerous cracks over time. Foundation problems, local weather conditions and poor installation methods can sometimes promote cracking. Building owners can't always prevent situations that shorten a floor's lifespan. Like any material, polished concrete may suffer sudden damage when explosions, earthquakes or other disasters occur.


This flooring option simplifies upkeep and cleaning, but it isn't maintenance-free. Owners must clean it using appropriate equipment and supplies. It's also important to avoid spilling harsh chemicals on the surface. Be sure to quickly patch any cracks that appear. Don't allow water to enter cracks and freeze; this process may inflict additional damage.

Applying Sealants

Consider sealing the floor after installation. This step will preserve the appearance of its surface by preventing stains and other blemishes. Cleaning tasks will become less difficult as well. Sealing provides these benefits by making the surface less porous. Remember to read the sealant's instructions thoroughly. To achieve the best results, you may need to re-seal a polished concrete floor in the future.

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