UPDATED: The pros and cons of epoxy creations in commercial buildings

When owning your own business, finding the best materials for your commercial space is not easy; especially with the amount of options available in today’s market. Many businesses have started choosing materials that are durable and affordable. This will allow you to operate with high intensity without worrying about damaging your commercial space. 

When it comes to flooring in commercial spaces, there is no better option than polished concrete. Concrete floors are durable enough to withstand day to day work, as well as gives any commercial space a great design. 

When searching for concrete floors for your business, you should consider epoxy creations. Epoxy floors are becoming more and more popular due to their endless benefits! Below, our team discusses the pros and cons of using epoxy creations as your commercial building’s flooring solution! 


The first notion to remember with any Custom Concrete creation is the time it takes to prep, seal and stain the flooring will be worth it in the end!

It’s affordable

As a business owner, if there are ways to save money and get a quality product, this is a win-win situation. . Epoxy can be easily applied to concrete with the help of the right professionals.

It’s durable

Another reason why many are choosing epoxy floors over other commercial flooring types is because of how durable this material is. Epoxy floors are one of the longest lasting flooring types, allowing you to save money in the long run. These floors also require very little maintenance other than regular cleaning!


Lastly, one of the best things about epoxy flooring is that there are many design options to choose from. Epoxy creations are very customizable, so you can choose colors, patterns and other design elements of your choosing!


It’s not for wet environments

Needless to say, epoxy creations can get slippery when wet. Therefore, environments like pools are not ideal for this kind of concrete. Instead of using epoxy coatings on your pool deck, you’ll want to use a salt rock finish concrete.

It can be affected by UV light

Although this is not always the case for all epoxy flooring, UV rays can cause yellowing. Because of this, if you are going to epoxy in the lobby of a building it’s important to install windows that reflect UV rays to be as efficient as possible.

Overall, when choosing a flooring material for your commercial building, you should choose one that is right for your space. There are concrete flooring options that work better in some spaces than others. However, whether it is polished concrete, stained concrete or epoxy concrete floors, you can never go wrong! Consider epoxy flooring for your next commercial building!

At Custom Concrete Creations, we offer a variety of concrete flooring services. From installations to repairs, surface underlayments and floor removals, you can trust our team to give you the best quality service! To learn more about our epoxy creations, or if you have any questions, contact us today!