The pros and cons of epoxy creations in commercial buildings

When it comes to owning your own business, finding the best materials for the job isn’t always easy; especially if you are looking for a material that will last. That’s why picking finishes that will withstand the damage that can be done by high-traffic areas and heavy duty machinery is important for any commercial building and space.

To create the best look for your office building, auto shop or other commercial space it’s important to work from the ground up! In other words, you need to find the best flooring that will benefit your company.

What kind of flooring does your company need? Your company should consider using epoxy creations to step up your businesses interior! For an informed and final decision, it’s imperative to understand the epoxy floor pros and cons to help you decide if epoxy concrete is right for you!


The first notion to remember with any Custom Concrete creation is that the time it takes to prep, seal and stain the flooring will be work it in the end!

#1: It’s affordable!

Finding ways to save money at all times is how a business owner should be thinking. Even though prices fluctuate based on the installer, epoxy can be easily applied to concrete with the help of the right professionals.

#2: It’s low maintenance!

Because of epoxy creations durability, it requires very little maintenance. With this type of concrete flooring you will need to be mopped or buffed every now and then to ensure that it continues to show-off it’s beauty for years to come!

#3: It’s great for allergies!

Say goodbye to cleaning grout and dust off your tile flooring. Not only does it keep allergens like dust and dirt from gathering on the floor, but it’ll save you time cleaning as well!

#4: It’s customizable!

It’s time to add some personal flare to the look of the flooring in your commercial space! Take your pick of colors, textures and other design elements, and create an epoxy flooring of your very own! It’s easier than you think!


Of course, with every material comes limitations. It’s unfortunate that concrete with epoxy coating isn’t indestructible! Otherwise, everyone would put it in their buildings!

#1 It’s not for wet environments!

Needless to say, epoxy creations can get slippery when wet. Therefore, environments like pools are not ideal for this kind of concrete. Instead of using epoxy coatings on your pool deck, you’ll want to use a salt rock finish concrete.

#2 It can be affected by UV light!

Although this is not always the case for all epoxy flooring, UV rays can cause yellowing. Because of this, if you are going to epoxy in the lobby of a building it’s important to install windows that reflect UV rays to be the most efficient as possible.

Overall, picking the best flooring for your business is a hard choice to make when you are dealing with a wide variety of concrete! Need help deciding the best concrete for your commercial space or building? Contact Custom Concrete Creations and let us help you find the best materials for your needs!


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