UPDATE: Polished concrete floors in grocery stores & gas stations

Grocery stores and gas stations have quite a bit in common. They both carry food, drink and other household items. That’s why we’re combining the two to discuss the best flooring options. There are many elements that go into producing a high-quality, efficient and long-lasting grocery store or gas station. One of the pieces that is incredibly important to consider is flooring.

Polished concrete floors are a great option because they are low maintenance, slip resistant and cost-efficient. Custom Concrete Creations specializes in polished concrete, and we know how they can be a great money-saving move for your business. Below are the reasons why polished concrete floors are the right choice for your store.

Low maintenance

Concrete flooring doesn’t require a lot of staff time and resources to keep it clean. Grocery stores have an incredible amount of surface area to cover, and having something easy and efficient for staff to clean with makes it so they can spend more time on tasks such as stocking and organizing. Grocery stores and gas stations also see a heavy amount of foot traffic every day, and concrete flooring is able to withstand a high amount of wear and tear.

Usability throughout entire store

Gas stations don’t necessarily have different departments, but they do have a similar layout to grocery stores. Grocery stores contain many different departments such as the bakery, deli, meat, floral and others. It’s necessary to have a flooring option that works in all of these areas. Using the same flooring throughout the entire store also creates a unified and seamless feel throughout the entire store.

Stain resistant

Grocery stores and gas stations are filled with many different products that have the possibility to break, spill or damage the flooring. Concrete floors are non-porous, so, for example, if a customer or employee drops a jar of pickles and it breaks, you won’t need to worry about the floor absorbing any stain or smell. The concrete will stay pleasant and neutral, ensuring your floors stay looking new for years to come.

Slip resistant

With a high amount of foot traffic in your grocery store or gas station, as well as employees always on their feet, you need a flooring option that’s slip resistant to help avoid falls and accidents. Polished concrete flooring is great when it comes to reducing the cost of filing for any workplace accidents and injuries, while ensuring all customers and employees are safe.

Install polished concrete floors in your store today

The best option you can choose for your space is polished concrete. It’s likely that your flooring can be improved by using what’s already there. Many grocery stores and gas stations already have concrete slabs throughout the store, and the most economical solution would be to buff and polish it. If this is the case, you won’t need to spend any additional money on purchasing new flooring.

Concrete floors are strong, durable and efficient, but they’re also appealing to the eye. You want your store to look clean and attractive to customers so they will keep coming back. If you’re looking for a modern flooring option, polished concrete is the way to go. Contact us today to see how we can help transform your grocery store and gas station spaces!