UPDATE: Why concrete is an eco-freindly choice

Environmentally friendly buildings are becoming more and more necessary for architecture and design companies. Many businesses want to help improve the environment and save energy and money. Concrete flooring is a great choice as it incorporates recycled materials, is sustainable and economical. Here’s why a concrete floor is an eco-friendly option!

You can incorporate recycled material

Most concrete floors are made up of recycled materials. When choosing an aggregate, you can opt for recycled material such as metal shavings, crushed glass, marble chips, and other rubble. You can even use old concrete. Plus, if your concrete ever needs to be replaced, years down the road, that concrete itself can be recycled and put to use in the construction of dams and shore erosion.

Few raw materials are used

Choosing a recycled aggregate for your concrete mix minimizes the use of other diminishing raw materials. Concrete floors don’t use many raw materials as is, and the only other products aside from aggregates and Portland cement is water and entrained air. Water-based hardeners and stain-resistant treatments are the only other aspect when installing concrete.

Concrete radiates heat and reflects light

Concrete, especially polished concrete, is great at radiating heat, reflecting light, and even has cooling properties. Concrete has high thermal mass which means it’s good at absorbing, storing and releasing heat. This helps keep your building’s temperature regulated throughout the year, and cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. In addition, if you allow for windows in your building, natural light will illuminate the space without you needing as many fluorescent lights. 

The sustainability aspect

Concrete flooring is sustainable because of how long it lasts. Other flooring options like carpet, tile and wood wear out and need to be replaced, which takes resources and energy to do. Minimal maintenance is required to keep your concrete floors looking good and lasting a long time.

Harmful VOCs are avoided

Some flooring materials, and the upkeep required release harmful chemicals, like VOCs and volatile organic compounds, into the air. Polished concrete is VOC-free and is cleaner and better for your and your employee’s health.

The economic aspect

Concrete floors are an economical choice. If you’re constructing a new building, using and updating the existing concrete foundation or floor is less expensive and better for the environment. Architecture and design companies are trying to be more environmentally conscious and focus their attention on sustainability.

Choose a concrete floor today

A concrete floor is eco-friendly, sustainable, durable and economical. Our team of experts are extremely knowledgeable on all things concrete floor related. If you have any questions or want to discuss your commercial or industrial space, contact us today!