Utilizing polished concrete flooring in schools

Summer is nearing its end, which means back to school season is almost here! It also means the renovation projects that have been going on all summer are finishing up soon too! 


One of the growing school renovation trends is implementing polished concrete floors into schools all over the country. Many schools are looking to polish concrete because of how many benefits come with it! Polished concrete can be placed pretty much anywhere in a school, including: bathrooms, hallways, cafeterias, entryways, auditoriums and classrooms. 


There are many reasons why schools are turning to polished concrete as their flooring material. Here are some of the benefits of polished concrete and why they are beneficial in a school setting. 




Schools inevitably are subject to heavy foot traffic for a good period of the year. That’s one of the reasons why many schools are switching to this flooring material. Polished concrete is very durable, stain resistant and very easy to maintain and keep looking. That’s why it makes sense that schools should start implementing polished concrete creations into hallways, entryways, cafeterias and classrooms. Longevity is significantly higher as well




Polished Concrete is very cost effective as well. This material is very easy to keep clean with periodic dusting or mopping, and won’t serve as a haven for dust mites when taken care of properly. This saves schools money on floor cleanings and waxings. This will also help with children who have  allergies because dust can’t get trapped as it can with carpet. 


Other than that, it also has a high light reflectivity which helps the energy bill out a little. You don’t need many lights as the floor’s reflectivity helps brighten up the room. 




One of the best features of polished concrete is the amount of different designs that can be customized and implemented throughout a school, including colors, patterns and logos. Schools have a chance to innovate their flooring with polished concrete by bringing in a modern design. 


Also, you can incorporate your schools name, logo or mascot easily on polished concrete, giving your flooring a unique, at home touch! 


No falls


Polished Concrete is also slip resistant, which means even when it is wet, no one should be slipping! This is extremely important in elementary schools when spills and falling seems to be a daily occurrence! 


There is no greener flooring solution out there than polished concrete. Even the products used to densify and polish the concrete have no VOC products which means that they won’t release dangerous fumes that could harm children at school. Overall, polished concrete is very appealing, easy to maintain and cost-efficient. 

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