Why Is “Woodcrete” Better Than Real Wood Floors?

Most people enjoy the rustic appeal of hardwood floors and the timeless and durable feel of concrete, but most don’t want concrete throughout their house. Now you can get the rustic, timeless appeal and durability all-in-one with “woodcrete.” “Woodcrete” is concrete flooring that is made to look like it is a hardwood floor.

Here is why many homeowners and business owners are starting to choose “woodcrete” over real hardwood floors:

  • Woodcrete is great for basements since they are susceptible to flooding.
  • Woodcrete is also great for outdoor patios, firepits, and man caves.
  • Woodcrete is cheaper than installing real hardwood floors.
  • Woodcrete is low maintenance. It only needs to be waxed every 3-9 months depending on the level of traffic.
  • Woodcrete is long lasting if properly maintained and can survive under high traffic conditions.​
  • Woodcrete floors are water resistant which means they won’t buckle if they incur water damage like real hardwood floors might.
  • Woodcrete floors are less traditional, so not many homes will have it.
  • Most homes come with a concrete subfloor making it environmentally friendly.
  • The color and design options can be customized to fit the style of your home.  
  • The process for creating woodcrete is a simple one.

And what are the drawbacks to woodcrete flooring? (And how do our pros at Custom Concrete Creations suggest countering them?)

  • The hardness of the flooring can be more painful if you trip and fall. Although, anyone who’s taken a tumble on wood floors can tell you that they aren’t soft either. And you can counter this by placing runners or area rugs in high-traffic areas.
  • Standing on concrete floors for a long period of time can be uncomfortable on your feet. And, again, this can be countered with strategically-placed area rugs, such as one in front of the kitchen sink if you spend a lot of time there cleaning up after your kitchen adventures.
  • Concrete floors don’t retain heat very well. This means that during the winter, the floor could get a little chilly. But radiant heat options are available.
  • If the concrete isn’t properly sealed, it can be susceptible to moisture and could cause mold or mildew. This is why it’s imperative to hire a pro to install your woodcrete floor.

Questions on installing woodcrete floors in your home or building?
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