Why Polished Concrete Floors Are Great For Warehouse Buildings

Typically, warehouse buildings endure a lot of work each and every day. From operating equipment, vehicles and just daily foot traffic, this can be very detrimental to the floors in your warehouse. For safety reasons, as well as upkeep, a durable flooring material is needed.  

*Polished concrete floors enter the chat*

Polished concrete is becoming a more popular flooring solution for many different types of commercial buildings. The advantages of polished concrete floors are endless. From easy clean up to longevity and return on investment, there is not another flooring material like it. 

At Custom Concrete Creations, we offer a variety of concrete flooring services but we specialize in polished concrete for commercial buildings. Our team has helped install a number of concrete floors, and understand the benefits concrete flooring brings to industrial-type buildings such as warehouses. Below, we go over two reasons why polished concrete floors are great for any warehouse. 


With a space like a warehouse, there is likely to be many different types of equipment being used. Whether it is cars, trucks, forklifts or stacked crates, polished concrete can handle the pressure with no lasting damage. It will not leave an impression or dent the flooring surface.

Polished concrete is incredibly difficult to damage. This means things like dropped tools, sharp objects or wheels will not easily scratch or damage the floor. This type of environment needs flooring that will stand up to all of this heavy machinery and dropping of materials. Plus, warehouses are likely to have quite a bit of foot traffic, which is no match for polished concrete. 


Warehouses usually take up a very large amount of space in order to house everything it needs to. Because of this, you will want to pick a type of commercial flooring that will be easy to maintain and clean. You don’t want to be spending an unneeded amount of time taking care of your warehouse flooring, which is why polished concrete is so great. 

It is very easy to maintain and easy to clean. The biggest thing you will want to keep in mind is being sure to remove any abrasives from the surface. The best way to do this is to dust with a microfiber pad to remove any dirt and debris that could wear down on the surface. Next, you will want to wet mop the surface with clean water and a neutral flooring cleaner. 

This cleaning should take place daily and any spill should be cleaned up as quickly as possible and your polished concrete will last for years. 

If you are looking for the perfect flooring for your warehouse space contact Custom Concrete Creations today! We offer our C3 Diamond Floor, which offers superior hardness, higher abrasion resistance, is cost effective and much more. Let us know how we can help you upgrade your warehouse space today!