Why Polished Concrete in Your Restaurant?

If you’re a restaurant owner, you’re probably thinking about your floor. It’s an important feature that influences nearly every aspect of your restaurant’s success, and yet it often goes unnoticed. That’s what it should do! 

The main reason you should put a lot of consideration into your flooring choice if you own a restaurant is because it could be a potential safety hazard. With other, cheaper flooring options like laminate or vinyl, they are less durable. This means they are more likely to crack, peel or wear away. This can be a safety issue if there is any piece sticking up or potentially causing someone to trip. Not only is this unsafe for your customers, but extremely unsafe for your workers who are walking and moving quickly. 

Another reason that flooring can be a safety issue is if there are cracks or holes in the floor, that is a great place for bacteria to grow. This is obviously not ideal for any location, but especially a place that serves food. Polished concrete can help with that because it is one giant slab. That eliminates the need for seams or cracks in the flooring that can harbor and grow bacteria. 

Demands on restaurant floors

Restaurants see a lot of traffic. From guests to servers, the restaurant floor needs to be able to stand up to heavy use. Foot traffic is obviously a big factor, but there are also chairs, tables and equipment that the floor needs to stand up to. 

Additionally, restaurant floors need to be easy to clean. Not only do they get dirty quickly because of the heavy traffic, but there is also the chance that food or drink will be spilled. A stained floor is an immediate turn-off to a guest, and it’s no surprise why! 

Finally, restaurant floors need to complement the look of the space. This is the aspect that guests will notice most immediately. A polished concrete floor is pretty customizable depending on what color or stain you want and can even be customized to have your logo sealed within. 

Concrete flooring for restaurants

Concrete flooring is one of the biggest trends these days, and it’s easy to see why. While initially, the words might conjure up the image of a warehouse or factory floor, polished concrete is extremely elegant and modern. You might not even know it’s concrete! 

Installing a concrete floor benefits restaurants and is a great idea because this flooring material ticks all the boxes. Firstly, they’re extremely durable. They’re not slippery like laminate wood can be, they don’t scratch like real wood and they can’t peel up or stain like rugs can over time.

Secondly, concrete floors are easy to clean. Because of the material, it’s safe to use industrial cleaners on them. They’re hard and smooth so they don’t trap crumbs like a rug does, and they’re extremely easy to sweep or mop.

Finally, concrete floor restaurants look attractive and trendy. They complement the minimalist, modern aesthetic that is trending right now, but they’re also a timeless look that can be dressed up to complement a variety of different spaces.

Plus… they’re eco-friendly!

The final bonus to having a concrete floor is that it’s very eco-friendly compared to a number of different flooring options. There’s really no downside to a concrete floor as long as you are willing to maintenance them the proper way. If you are considering new flooring for your restaurant space, give us a call and see how we can help you pick out or design your perfect flooring option!