6 Reasons Why Concrete Is Sustainable

Concrete is not only long-lasting, economical, and safe, but it is also among the most sustainable building materials available on the market. The concrete industry has many sustainable attributes that you may not know about. Here are six points as to why concrete is sustainable and could very well be the best option for your flooring, wherever it may be.

1. Light Color

The naturally light coloring of polished concrete floors results in a higher reflection than other flooring types. This can also result in less energy required to light areas up at night, reduced heat island effect, and improved safety overall. So, if you are looking for a unique way to brighten up your space, apply high gloss epoxy flooring and use the natural reflection to lighten up your space using less energy.

2. Energy Efficient

The thermal mass of polished concrete helps to moderate temperature swings. The design of building concrete can also incorporate the use of ICFs (insulated concrete forms) easily and other wall systems that are insulated to increase energy efficiency even more. A general industry-wide estimate is that concrete can be 30 to 50 percent more energy efficient than other traditional flooring methods. Using less energy to heat and cool a space means that less carbon is being released into the environment.

3. Locally Produced

Concrete is actually produced locally which reduces transportation energy and emissions. The primary ingredients that make up concrete are crushed stone or gravel, sand and water. These things make up about 90% of the volume of the mixture and the rest is cement. Cement is also produced locally as well.

Additionally, because concrete is a made to order material, this type of construction results in less waste that comes from building it. Check out our past blog post to see more reasons “Why Concrete Is THE Green Option For Your Home Or Business.”

4. Fuel Efficient

Rigid pavements like concrete offer better fuel efficiency as opposed to flexible pavements such as tar or rubber. A new study done by civil engineers at MIT shows that pavement deflection under tires in a moving vehicle makes for a continuous uphill drive that in return uses more fuel. This study also showed that stiffer pavements on the nation’s roads could reduce fuel consumption by as much as 3 percent which could add up to about 273 million barrels of oil per year. Even just a 1 percent increase in fuel consumption on the roadways leaves a substantial environmental footprint. Using concrete would decrease that footprint in a big way. And if concrete is this much more efficient for tires, think about how much more efficient it is for your feet!

5. Solution To Stormwater Management Issues

Pervious concrete can solve a number of stormwater issues by being permeable and allowing water to run through it and prevent further damage from large storms. This type of technology creates more efficient land use by eliminating the need for retention spots and other stormwater management devices. This could help prevent your office or residential space from being flooded with water damage. Using pervious concrete can lower the overall project costs on a first coat basis. Click here to learn more about pervious concrete pavement.

6. Durable

The concrete industry is putting a larger emphasis on durability and resiliency in pavement and construction. Concrete can last decades with little to no maintenance. Its longevity and useful life combined with minimal resources for upkeep contributes greatly to sustainability. Every space is different and it is important that the people installing your concrete understand the particular needs and conditions for the job at hand. After they determine this, they will be able to design the perfect concrete for you using maximum durability. Check out this previous blog post to find out “Why You Should Hire A Pro To Polish Your Concrete Floors.”


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