All about epoxy

Out of all the coatings that can be applied to concrete floors, epoxy might just be the neatest. An epoxy coating goes on top of concrete floors to give it a unique look, and also to protect the concrete underneath. Epoxy creations are durable, slip-resistant, cost-effective, sustainable, and easy to maintain.

Epoxy coatings can be installed anywhere, but are most commonly seen in residential garages, auto body shops, car dealerships, warehouses, and maintenance centers. Epoxy floors are similar to polished concrete flooring in that they’re both good for high traffic areas, however, epoxy is a bit better when it comes to handling tougher activity. Keep reading to learn exactly what an epoxy coating is, how much it costs, and to discover more advantages.

What is an epoxy coating

Epoxy coatings are made of epoxy resin and a polymer hardener. These materials mix together and cure when placed on top of the concrete slabs. Once the epoxy coating is cured, you’re left with a durable, abrasion-resistant flooring. Epoxy coatings are shiny and there are many design options available.

You can achieve terrazzo, chip, and aggregated color flooring styles when choosing an epoxy coating. These styles are attractive to many, and give your floors a high-grade appearance. These floors last a long time, making them a great choice for your industrial space.

How much do epoxy creations cost

Epoxy coatings normally cost $3 - $7 per square foot. This type of coating is very affordable, even if you have a larger project in mind. The only exception is that the more complex you want the flooring to look, the more expensive it will be. Regardless, epoxy coatings are worth the investment as they’ll last a very long time and you won’t have to spend any extra money on maintaining them.

When compared to other flooring options such as vinyl or tile, epoxy is more affordable. You can get the new look you want without any extra installation costs, as epoxy creations can be applied over old or new concrete. This is especially nice when you have older concrete slabs you’re looking to renovate. 

The many advantages of epoxy

Above all else, many people worry about stains affecting their floors. With an epoxy coating, the stress of that is gone. Epoxy coatings are resistant to chemicals, shock, heat, and water. Any stain left behind by a car in your garage or body shop will wipe up easily, and if you drop something heavy on the floor, it will remain unaffected. If the weather were to be extensively hot or if you live in an area susceptible to flooding, epoxy coatings can withstand both. The advantages of epoxy coatings are overall attractiveness, they’re easy to clean, and sustainable.

When choosing a design, know you can create a beautiful floor with just about any color you want. Since epoxy floors are smooth, you don’t need to clean in between any cracks; a mop and broom will be all you need. Epoxy floors are also sustainable as the shine reflects light, so you’ll be able to use less unnatural lighting. The floor's lastability also means less waste and resources needed to create a new floor. 

Having a professional like Custom Concrete Creations install epoxy coatings in your space is the move. Our experienced professionals can provide you with the glossy, updated finish you’re going for on the floors in your space. Give us a shout out today to discuss your plan.