Benefits Of Polished Concrete In The Home

When deciding on a flooring material for your home, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice. This can prove to be difficult as there are what seems to be an endless supply of options available to you. We know how important decisions like this are, as they are a major commitment, so we’d like to help in any way we can to make the decision-making process easier for you. Enter in… Polished concrete, our number one recommendation for home flooring needs. Durability, low maintenance, inexpensive, aesthetically pleasing, and its thermal mass capabilities are only a few of the benefits of polished concrete that we’ll explore today. We hope that in doing so, we can lend a hand in helping you make such an important decision. Read below to find out more about the benefits of adding polished concrete to your home!


It has long been known that concrete is one of the most durable building and surfacing materials in the world often outlasting its competitors by a factor of 3. By utilizing polished concrete in your home, you are ensuring use of a trustworthy material.

Low Maintenance

Along with durability comes low maintenance. Polished concrete is a flooring material that, as explained above, does not need to be replaced often making it an extremely low maintenance flooring option compared to rivals. In addition to being low maintenance in this way, polished concrete is also easy to clean. Making it extremely easy to care for. All that is needed is occasional dry mopping to pick up any dust, dirt, debris, or other contaminants. This is then followed by wet mopping to keep the polished floors shining and always looking new. These two factors lend a hand in making concrete one of the most low maintenance flooring options on the market.


Hand in hand with durability and low maintenance comes low cost. Upfront costs for the flooring material are more often than not less expensive than other options. In addition to being less expensive upfront, the fact that polished concrete is durable and low maintenance only adds to this. It will not have to be replaced often nor taken care of to the extent that other flooring options will require making it a great choice for your home if you like balling on a budget!

Thermal Mass

Concrete’s thermal mass capabilities also lend a hand in making concrete less expensive overall. Thermal mass is the ability for substances “to absorb, store, and later release significant amounts of heat,” according to the Portland Cement Association. This means lower amounts of energy used and lower costs on any associated bills!


In addition to the above benefits that come alone with adding polished concrete into your home, it is also simply aesthetically pleasing. Polished concrete makes a statement as it is extremely appealing to the eye. By adding it to your home, you ensure a decorative touch few will have!

Because surfacing your floors are such a major investment, we fully understand the time commitment that goes along with making the right choice. We hope that in providing you with this explanation of the benefits polished concrete has to offer in the home, we have helped to cut down on some of that time.

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