Where Polished Concrete Works Best

So, you’re considering the addition of polished concrete floors in your home or business and are wondering what you might gain out of doing so? We know how important it is to be informed before making such a decision, so we’re here to tell you we’ve got you covered! Below we’ll explore some advantages of polished concrete in both residential and commercial setting such as durability, ease of maintenance, low cost, health-conscious, and pleasing aesthetics. In addition, we’ll also give you some ideas for where polished concrete works best. Read below to find out all of this and more!



It is well known that concrete is one of the most durable building and surfacing materials in the world. This fact is demonstrated as concrete is constantly outlasting its competitors making it a great investment for both the home and business.


Because of polished concrete’s durability, it does not need to be replaced often making maintenance a breeze. Additionally, because the floors are polished, little needs to be done to clean them. Occasional damp and dry mopping will do the trick!


As explained above, concrete is an extremely durable building and surfacing material and does not have to be replaced often. Because of this, you won’t have to pay nearly as much over time for replacement costs like you would other materials. In addition to saving you money in the long run, polished concrete is also cost-effective up front too, so you won’t have to worry about shelling out tons of cash to get the job accomplished!


Compared to to other materials with fibers where dust, debris, and other contaminants may become caught, polished concrete is an extremely health-conscious option as it does not hold any allergens within itself. This makes polished concrete a great option for homes with small children and those with allergies as well as the office space where cleanliness is a must!


Durable, maintenance-free, inexpensive, and health-conscious, polished concrete also touts a pleasing aesthetic look, so in addition to function, we have form as well! The simplicity and elegance of polished concrete floors make it the perfect addition to any home or business.

These are only a few of the many benefits to polished concrete floors!

Where it’s Best Used

In addition to the many benefits listed above, polished concrete is also considered to be an extremely versatile building and surfacing material able to be used in a number of different ways. Below we’ll explore some of the best ways to utilize polished concrete in your home or business:

Polished Concrete In The Kitchen

Polished concrete works great in kitchen for many reasons. In addition to adding a decorative touch to the space, polished concrete is also extremely easy to clean as mentioned above. Any spills or fallen crumbs are easily cleaned from its smooth surface, and only wet and dry mopping are required for upkeep.

Polished Concrete In The Living Room

In high traffic areas such as the living room, polished concrete is a great option. You’ll need a flooring material like polished concrete able to withstand constant foot traffic. Other lesser options simply won’t do the trick. In addition to saving homeowners from having to replace their floors every few years, concrete also offers a pleasing aesthetic look that adds the perfect decorative touch to such a space.

Polished Concrete In Bathrooms

Much like the kitchen, bathroom are an area of the home you’ll want to keep especially clean. As you now know, polished concrete makes this easy as its surface is extremely easy to clean. Additionally, polished concrete floors have the ability to be heated with radiant heating, so when it becomes cold as it often does in Omaha and its surrounding areas, you’ll find an escape in your heated bathroom floors!

Polished Concrete In Hallways

Like the living room, hallways receive much foot traffic, and thus require a durable flooring material able to withstand such traffic. As iterated time and time again, polished concrete is one of THE most durable materials in the world, so by adding it to the home or business, you are ensuring lasting quality.

Polished Concrete In The Workplace

While locations such as bathrooms and hallways are relevant to the workplace, we though it necessary to explain why polished concrete is a great choice here. Like living rooms and hallways, the workplace receives much foot traffic and needs a flooring material able to withstand it. The addition of polished concrete will solve these problems as it is not phased by such traffic; its durability ensures it. Polished concrete is also a great choice for the workplace as it is a health conscious choice. With so many people around, you’ll want to make sure you decide on a material with this quality, as it is essential for a clean workplace environment.


When it comes to choosing a flooring material for your home or business, much research is usually required as it is best to be informed when making investment decisions such as this. While we are not telling you not to do additional research on the topic, we are hoping that all that we’ve explored today will assist you in greatly cutting down on that. By detailing polished concrete’s advantages and walking you through areas of the home or business where it works best, we hope to have informed you in a way that help to greatly cut down on such research time. In the event that we didn’t cover everything you require, click here to find out more about polished concrete floors!

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