Can you pour concrete in the winter?

The winter months do not stop commercial and industrial projects. A new building, restaurant or apartment complex will still need their projects done due to a tight schedule and time frame, but in the concrete world, an outside project that needs concrete poured can cause a number of issues. 

The most common question that our professionals get is, “Can you pour concrete in the winter?” The answer is yes, Custom Concrete Creations can pour concrete during the winter and this is all dependent on the demands of the project. 

When can our experts pour and overlay your concrete during the winter months! 

How cold is too cold? 

The American Concrete Institute under ACI 306 classified that concrete will be exposed to cold environments if the air temperature is 40 degrees or less and if it is colder than 10 degrees for more than a 24 hours period! 

This means if it is under 40 degrees outside for longer than 24 hours a Custom Concrete expert will not be able to pour your concrete. Even if during the day the weather is higher than the required temperatures, at night the weather can drop below the requirements which can cause the concrete to expand, become weak or crack once the temperatures are back to normal. 

It is estimated that the first 48 hours are the most critical hours when pouring concrete. During this time frame it helps to set the concrete and reach for a desired hardness. 

The ideal outside temperature to pour concrete is between 50 degrees fahrenheit to 60 degrees. A perfect example of not being able to pour concrete is concrete parking lots, structural projects, buildings and etc. 

On the other hand, is there an inside project that needs to be handled? 

Pouring concrete inside

The main process when it comes to pouring concrete is chemical! For concrete to properly set, a reaction called hydration needs to occur. This process helps to cure the concrete to make it durable. Do you know the main way that this happens? With the right temperatures and heat, the faster the concrete will set! 

This means that inside the winter concrete flooring jobs are the perfect project for our experts! At Custom Concrete Creations, our experts offer concrete flooring with overlay that gives your concrete flooring options that polished look! Our experts can also provide commercial and industrial spaces with woodcrete

While the project goes much smoother when it comes to pouring concrete inside, the winter months still pose their own type of issues to concrete flooring. Due to icy conditions, salt will be used on roads, sidewalks and walkways to help reduce common slips and falls, in return, this salt can cause damage to your concrete flooring! 

Keep the concrete flooring as clean as possible to reduce any issues that this salt will cause! 


At Custom Concrete Creations we are an industry leader throughout the Midwest. We do it all, from shops to office floors and more! Our experience and expertise will make sure that the job gets done right.