Caring for decorative concrete floors

Decorative concrete is quickly becoming a popular flooring option for many commercial industries. Restaurants, showrooms and retailers are taking advantage of the benefits that these coatings offer - affordability, durability, design flexibility and easy maintainability. Decorative and custom concrete flooring can transform any dull concrete slab into a work of art and, with proper maintenance, these floors can last a lifetime.


Dry mopping

Depending on the amount of traffic and debris carried through your space, your floors may require daily, biweekly or weekly maintenance. Dry dust mopping is one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep your floors clean and shiny. 

Using a microfiber pad or Swiffer will help  create static electricity against the floor to help remove dust particles and other debris. Avoid using oils, sprays and other cleaning solutions that will create a slick texture because it will dull the shine of your surface. 


Wet mopping

Wet mopping requires a more gentle approach. Simply use a mop and a bucket of water mixed with a mild cleaner such as; liquid dish soap or other mild floor cleaners. Working in sections and consistently ringing out your mop will help yield the best result. After the floor is covered, rinse the floor using the mop and clean water. 

It is important to remember to never use harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach. These chemicals can quickly wear down the surface of your floor. As a result it leaves you with a dull, lifeless concrete slab. 

Wet mopping can be done weekly or even monthly depending on the location and traffic of your floor. Areas such as kitchens and bathrooms will require more routine maintenance compared to other spaces. 


Handling spills

Cleaning up spills as soon as they happen is key to  preventing stains and it absorbing  into your surface. As with the other methods, cleaning up spills requires solutions that will be gentle on the surface of your flooring. Using the wrong type of cleaner can have a negative impact on your flooring, that’s why  it is important to avoid cleaners that are rough or too acidic. 


Be patient 

A common mistake that many individuals make when maintaining concrete floors is not waiting for the suggested amount of time for the solution to do its job. Patience is required in order for the solutions to properly break down grease, grime and other contaminants. 

Always follow the directions for the cleaning solution you are using to ensure you are getting the most out of the product. 


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