Why Restaurants can Benefit from Polished Concrete

Choosing the right flooring for your restaurant or business can be a complicated decision. There are many options out there, but which one is going to be the most clean and pass safety standards? Polished concrete has many benefits, and that is why restaurants like Chipotle are choosing this for their flooring material. Here is everything you need to know about polished concrete and why it is a beneficial floor option for restaurants. 


Polished concrete is a very inexpensive type of flooring, which will only save you and your business money! Since buildings are already built with a concrete floor base, you won’t have to spend a whole lot of more money. Polishings are pretty inexpensive too, and polished concrete comes with hardly any required maintenance! If you are looking for an economical, eco-friendly way to freshen up your floors, then polished concrete is your answer. 


Polished concrete is a very tough surface that can withstand the daily use of chairs, tables, harsh cleaners, and heavy traffic. It is less prone to cracking than other forms of concrete floors, and requires very little maintenance. Because polished concrete doesn’t require any volatile organic compound use, it can increase a room’s ambient light by 30 percent, and increase the lifespan of the existing concrete, it is considered a more environmentally safe material and meets the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. It also can be customized to be slip-resistant, which could help prevent employee or customer related injuries. 


Especially in the restaurant industry, sanitation is a necessity. This is yet again another reason why polished concrete is a great choice, as it is about the most sanitary flooring option available to restaurants. When coated with a polisher or a strong industrial coating, you significantly improve the floors sanitation, and ultimately the sanitation of your whole restaurant.  It is spill and stain resistant, making it very easy to clean up any mess. This will also help your restaurant and building meet flooring and sanitation standards for the FDA and USDA!


Polished concrete, unlike many other flooring options, is quite affordably customizable. You can choose a design that fits perfect with the aesthetics of your restaurant. Stained and sealed concrete are other options that can be designed, but they tend to wear out over time. Polished concrete, however, doesn’t rely on coloring or elaborate coating to keep it looking fancy. The sleek, modern surface can fit into almost any conceivable design scheme without the need for color matching. This is a reason why restaurants like Chipotle end up choosing this flooring option. 


Polished concrete comes with many benefits that compliment the restaurant industry. It is very cost efficient, durable, sanitary, and can be customly designed to fit any aesthetic. This is why restaurants like Chipotle are turning to polished concrete as their flooring material. 

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