Checklist to finding the best flooring solution for your space

Although it may not seem like it, choosing the right flooring solution for your space is an important decision. Every flooring material offers different benefits, and each commercial building has different needs, which can make finding the perfect flooring type for your building a bit challenging. 

Luckily, our polished concrete specialists here at Custom Concrete Creations have tons of experience helping business owners and flooring contractors choose the right material for their space! From planning to installation, our team is here to help make sure your flooring project goes as smoothly as it should! Below are some things to consider when deciding on what flooring solution to choose!

Questions to ask yourself

To find the right flooring solution for your space, the first thing you need to do is figure out what you need out of your floors. Start by asking yourself these questions!

What kind of business do you run?

This is a pretty basic question, but will in fact help you find the best material to go with. Think about what type of business you have, and the amount of foot traffic your business sees on a daily basis. Do customers fill your building every day? Do you need to provide flooring that is durable enough to handle heavy equipment? 

You should also think about the industry you work in and whether or not there are any regulations that need to be met. Do you own a restaurant and need floors that are easy to keep clean? Or a medical office in which your floors need to stay sterile? Be sure to ask yourself questions like these to narrow down your choices right off the bat!

Who will be using your floor?

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a flooring solution is who will be using the floor? How many people will be using your floors each day? Are they customers? Employees? Both? What types of activities will they be doing? These questions will help you understand what flooring materials will benefit your business needs best!

What design do you want?

Once you figure out what you need out of your floors performance wise, you should then decide on what materials will meet your design needs. Is there a color or pattern scheme you are looking to add? What are your entire building layout plans? The design of your floors come after functionality in importance, but still play a huge role in what material you should choose!

Choosing a flooring solution that will not only help improve your company performance, but also add to your building’s design and create a safe place for your customers and employees is a difficult task. Asking yourself these questions as well as talking with polished concrete specialists can help ensure that you are making the right decision! 

At Custom Concrete Creations, our polished concrete specialists are more than happy to assist you with your commercial flooring project! Whether it’s a flooring repair or installation, or if you just need your questions answered, we are here to help! Visit our website to learn more about us and how we can benefit your business!