Update: Concrete Flooring in Healthcare Facilities

A hospital or healthcare facility has many requirements that must be met to ensure the safety of healthcare professionals and patients. This goes for procedures, processing, sterilization and many other important parts of a healthcare facility. 

One piece that is important to all places that have high foot traffic is to keep things clean. Hospitals see a high volume of people, whether that is patients, doctors, nurses, EMT or visitors, there are always guests going in and out. This means that areas like the waiting room, bathrooms, reception area and other frequently visited areas are kept as clean as possible. 

Check out this video on the hospital cleaning and sterilization process:

Polished concrete flooring is an excellent choice for healthcare facilities for many reasons. While it should stay out of operating rooms, examination rooms and other places that will need heavy-duty, chemical sanitation products it is a wonderful option for waiting rooms and reception areas. 


Uneven or inconsistent flooring can pose as a hazard for healthcare facilities. With nurses and patients constantly on the move, it is important for these settings to have a flooring solution that is slip and fall resistant while also meeting the needs of mobility-impaired individuals. Nurses are on their feet for hours at a time, so it is important that your flooring reduces the strain on workers feet. 


Healthcare facilities and hospitals are home to many viruses and harmful bacteria. These pathogens can be threatening to nurses and their patients, so you should seek the appropriate flooring solution for patient rooms, bathrooms, operating rooms, offices and emergency rooms to help reduce the risk and spread of germs. 


Polished concrete floors are extremely durable and can withstand high-volume foot traffic that occurs every day. If taken care of properly, custom concrete flooring can outlast nearly any alternative flooring solution, ultimately saving you time and money. 

Low maintenance 

Because healthcare facilities can often be intense and busy, it is important to have floors that require little care. Concrete flooring can save you money on custodial costs, they rarely need waxing or buffing and are low maintenance, so you can spend your time focusing on patient health. If your flooring is in need of a touch up, they can simply be refreshed with another coating. 


Reduce your carbon footprint while remaining in compliance with government standards with polished concrete flooring. With the rising environmental concerns comes the rise of eco-friendly and sustainable flooring solutions. Unlike alternative options such as carpet and tile, the sealant applied to concrete floors produces little to no waste during installation. 

Pathogen control

Porous flooring options such as tile can be difficult to properly clean and sanitize. However, concrete flooring is seamless and drastically diminishes pathogenic risks

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