Update: Concrete is the sustainable choice.

A new trend when it comes to construction and the development of new buildings and businesses is retaining sustainability. Sustainability is the capacity to endure, to maintain a process or situation over time. This means using construction products that are not harmful to the environment. In addition, making sure that these products can be maintained with cleaners and processes that are also kind to the planet. 

Concrete is resource efficiency.

For a product to be considered resource efficient, it needs to use the least amount of natural resources for its creation. The earth’s natural resources are limited and sometimes there is no way for them to be replaced. It’s important to use resources wisely and not create harmful impacts on the earth.

Concrete is resource efficient. It’s made from the most abundant supply that Earth has to offer, limestone. This sedimentary rock is most commonly found in shallow waters. It’s created by the accumulation of shell, coral or algal. Limestone is not a limited option.

Recently, there has been a development of concrete that uses recycled materials. Plastic waste is added to the concrete production along with normal ingredients. The plastic waste reinforces the concrete while also reducing the amounts of plastic into the environment.

Concrete is energy efficient.

One way to be sustainable is by choosing products that are energy efficient. They must reduce the amount of energy required to provide a product or service. Concrete is an energy-efficient choice. Its thermal mass also allows it to store and absorb heat.

This feature comes in handy when building businesses and custom concrete creations. Concrete can reduce the use of fossil fuels. Homeowners’ will see a reduction in their energy bills. A bonus way to save on energy bills is by installing radiant heat floors.

Concrete was created to last.

Nothing makes a material less sustainable than one that needs constant maintenance. Concrete requires little to no maintenance to keep it like new. That’s why it’s the sustainable choice that uses no excess resources to keep it lasting. Once many of these concrete creations are laid out, they are there forever!

If you’re looking to add sustainable custom concrete floors into your home or business, contact us for your project.

Concrete requires little chemicals

When cleaning a polished concrete floor, it is important to remember not to use harsh chemicals. This is because  with harsh and abrasive chemicals like bleach, ammonia or vinegar can begin deterioration of the concrete, sealant and durability. These harsh chemicals can also be harmful to the environment. It is recommended to clean your concrete floors with a microfiber and water. When needed, a pH neutral cleaning substance may be used. This is also beneficial for the environment.

Now is a more important time than any to begin thinking about what is good and what is bad for our environment and our planet. In what areas are we able to make changes to prevent the further harm of our planet? Using sustainable products like concrete creations to build and continue construction is a huge way to ensure we are keeping careful track of our footprint.


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