Concrete vs. hardwood floors

Both polished concrete and hardwood floors can work with all types of interior finishes in a variety of different environments. We know custom concrete floors have a wide application to enhance your space. Each flooring option comes with its pros and cons. Below we discuss the differences between concrete and hardwood floors, and show you why we think polished concrete is a great choice!


Although hardwood floors are timeless and classic, polished concrete is endlessly customizable. You can choose from a variety of stains and dyes to color your concrete floors. You can also stamp the concrete to add a desired texture or design.


When it comes to eco-friendly floor choices, keep in mind that hardwood floors are built from cutting down trees, which increases your carbon footprint. Concrete floors are energy efficient and light reflective, saving you money on keeping your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Concrete floors are low maintenance and don’t have any grout lines where bacteria can build up. All you have to do is dust them daily and mop them with warm, soapy water weekly. Concrete also doesn’t need repolishing frequently, like hardwood floors, to maintain its shine. When cleaning hardwood, you have to be cautious of how much water and what kind of soap you use. Too much water or the wrong kind of soap can cause significant damage to hardwood floors.


Hardwood floors take glue, nails, various types of tools and hefty manual labor to install. To install concrete floors, you may need a bit of surface preparation, but after that, it’s just letting it cure for three to seven days, depending on where it’s at and what temperature it is outside.


Concrete can handle heavy items and lots of foot traffic. It’s not as susceptible to scratches and dents as hardwood. Not only is concrete used on roadways due to its durability, but it’s also used in restaurants, retail stores, offices, warehouses and more!


Hardwood floors do cost quite a bit more than concrete floors. Depending on how decorated you want your concrete floors, we’re looking at $2-$15 per square foot. Depending on how premium the wood is, you’re looking at $12-$20 per square foot. Concrete may help you stay within your budget.

Create a unique floor with custom concrete

Whether you’re a business owner looking to improve your space, or you’re a builder working on a completely new project, custom concrete floors are a great choice! An abundance of companies can benefit from polished concrete. If you’d like to discuss your commercial or industrial project in greater detail, contact us today!