Concrete vs. tile

The flooring you choose must be suitable for the location and space. A good floor lasts a lifetime, especially when it's properly taken care of. Concrete and tile both offer smooth, sleek flooring that looks good in tons of applications. Below we get into the differences between polished concrete floors and tile!


Polished concrete floors are very strong and can withstand heavy foot traffic and furniture as well as being slip, chemical and shock resistant. Tile is also more susceptible to cracking than concrete.


When it comes to cost, ceramic tile costs about $11 to $22 per square foot, natural stone tile costs about $20 to $50 per square foot, while concrete is looking at $2 to $15 per square foot. Depending on whether it’s an existing slab of concrete, or if you’re wanting to stain or stamp your concrete floors, the price may increase.


It takes more time to install tiled flooring. A tiler has to grout and level the area along with laying each tile individually. Polished concrete can be installed quickly and doesn't take weeks to dry. You also have the option for heated floors with concrete.


Stained and polished concrete can be made to look like any texture, even hardwood. You can achieve virtually any color on your concrete floors. You can make concrete look like ceramic or porcelain tile by adding scoring lines. You can have both the durability of concrete and the looks of tile.


Both concrete and tile need to be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaning tool like a mop and warm, soapy water. Concrete doesn't have real grout lines, making it more sanitary and easier to clean. Grout can get dirty and cause discoloration, and if you live somewhere moist, you have to have any mold under control.

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Both tile and concrete have their list of pros and cons, and they’re both suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Concrete has expanded its use because of the development of stamping and staining. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of installing polished concrete in your space, contact us today!