Different Types of Concrete Stains

While most people have a negative connotation with the word “stain” as well as the impact of stains on their concrete floors, it can be beneficial. When thinking of a stain, many typically think of a harsh mark on their surface that looks bad and takes away from the beauty of the surface. While it is possible to stain your concrete, that usually only happens when it is not properly cared for. 

If your polished concrete is not properly sealed, it can allow for liquids to be absorbed into the surface. Concrete is a highly porous material, which means that any type of liquid that comes in contact with it and sits for a while is likely to be absorbed. More often than not, this will cause an unsightly stain. When concrete is sealed, there is a protective layer on the surface, which prevents liquids from coming into contact with the actual concrete, which means it is not able to absorb. 

A conversation about concrete staining is typically a conversation of purposefully staining before a sealant is applied. This can make for a lot of beautiful different flooring options. You can create multicolored surfaces, or bold, one-color surfaces. By staining your concrete, you can really customize the look you are going for. You can use it to complete a space by tying in certain colors and it can make a huge difference in comparison to a very standard concrete floor. 

Staining polished concrete is a way to liven up your old concrete and make it look good with rich and vibrant colors. Unlike simply painting over the concrete floor, staining bonds with the surface to give a much more natural look.

If you want to stain your concrete, for either style or protection, you have several effective options for your custom concrete coatings. 

The Different Types of Coatings

Depending on whether the polished concrete is inside or outside, how you want the finished material to look, and the conditions in the area where the concrete will be, you need to narrow down your options. Most floors, concrete, in particular, take a lot of bashing and punishment in day to day life. So, the first thing your coating needs is the ability to give major protection.

The coatings are all polymers, where one of the most common polymers is a urethane. A urethane can provide a lot of abrasion protection, resist stains and chemicals, and are even waterproof. If you are looking for a coating to put on a poolside piece of concrete, then a urethane is right for you.

Acid concrete staining uses water, hydrochloric acids and salts to get inside the concrete and cause a chemical reaction to take place. The acid lightly damages the surface of the floor, allowing the salts to get inside and bond with the material. Acrylic stains do the same thing but come in a much wider array of colors and hues.

Several Other Types Of Coatings

There are other types of coatings out there that can suit your needs for both protection and style, and if you need a custom concrete coating then you might need some more help. Contact the experts at Custom Concrete Creations for the best guidance and support to make your concrete really pop. Whether you want your concrete shielded from the toughest blows, or to display some color, we can help you out.