Reactive vs Nonreactive Concrete Stains

When you think of floor stains, the first thought that comes to your mind may be a stain in a kitchen or on your living room carpet. However, although your concrete flooring can stain this way as well, this is not the type of staining we are discussing today. Today, we will go into detail about staining your polished concrete and decorative concrete floors. 

When someone installs polished concrete floors in their commercial space, they often add a “stain” before it’s completely sealed. By staining your concrete floors, you are able to add a truly beautiful design! Stains come in a variety of colors, and you can even use different stains on top of each other! Staining your concrete floors is one of the easiest ways to truly customize your commercial flooring.

At Custom Concrete Creations, we offer some of the best concrete staining omaha flooring that businesses love and can trust. There are countless options to choose from when deciding to stain your concrete floors. Below, we discuss the different types of concrete floor stains!

Reactive vs Nonreactive Stains

When it comes to concrete stains, there are two base stains that are generally used; reactive and nonreactive. Reactive concrete stains contain chemicals which react with the compounds found in concrete to create color and translucency.  When applied correctly, some reactive stains allow for your floors to have a marble-like appearance. Reactive stains are not just beautiful when it comes to color and looks, but are also very protective. You can be ensured that your concrete will be almost entirely indestructible when using reactive stains. 

Nonreactive stains, on the other hand, is a fairly newer concrete stain option. Nonreactive stains are primarily water based and acrylic. Nonreactive staining is essentially similar to “painting” your concrete floors. Because of this, there are many more color options available for you to 100 percent customize your floors! Nonreactive stains have also been seen to be easier to apply and tend to turn out better. 

Other types of coatings

Lastly, there are many other types of concrete coatings that can add color and protection to your flooring. Most of these other coatings are all polymers, where one of the most common polymers is a urethane. A urethane coating can provide a lot of abrasion protection, resist stains and chemicals, and are even waterproof. If you are looking for a coating to put on a poolside piece of concrete, then a urethane coating is right for you.

Adding a stain to your concrete flooring will not only add color and design to your commercial space, but also offer extra protection so your concrete floors are staying in the best condition for the longest time. Use these tips when choosing a stain for your concrete floors!

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