How polished concrete floors can save you money

Low supply and shortages of energy and materials have caused price increases that have hit businesses in abrupt ways. Because of these shortages, the future of price increases is unknown. However, there’s one thing often overlooked that can save you money, and it’s your flooring. The price of concrete may increase in the future, so now is a good time to invest in it.

Investing in concrete floors can be a cost-efficient way to renovate your commercial space. If installed properly and maintained well, concrete floors can last a long time. Concrete floors start at a low cost and can help you save energy and reduce lighting bills. Price increases are affecting many different industries. Higher energy costs, material shortages, and other factors are driving up costs. Many businesses are looking for more sustainable materials, and concrete floors are a great choice. 

Custom Concrete Creations understands the benefits of concrete floors and how they can save you money. Here are some ways your business can save money by switching to concrete floors.

Low upfront and installation costs

It’s important to know the cost if you’re considering concrete floors. Concrete floors are cheaper than other flooring materials such as vinyl, hardwood, or tile. Depending on the style you’re looking to achieve, polished concrete floor costs begin at approximately $3 go up to $12 a square foot. More complex designs will cost more than simpler patterns. 

You won’t need to worry about heavy maintenance costs with polished concrete floors. You don’t need any fancy, high-end cleaning product to maintain concrete floors; all you need is a mop and clean water. 

Energy efficient

Polished concrete flooring can help you save energy and reduce energy costs as this type of flooring retains heat and has light reflectivity. If you’re looking to save money on lighting and energy bills, as well as be more sustainable, polished concrete floors is a great option. 

It doesn’t take as many lights to make a room that has polished concrete flooring bright. Polished concrete floors are energy efficient as they increase the amount of light reflecting throughout the room during the day, saving your money on your electricity bill. This works almost like a mirror because natural and fluorescent light is able to bounce off the surface, requiring less fluorescent light to be on throughout the day and night. 

You can also save on your energy bill, as concrete floors retain heat. In the winter, you can keep the building warm with less heat. You can click your thermometer down a few degrees, saving more energy and being more efficient. It also won’t get too hot in the summer, as these floors retain cool temperatures as well, allowing you to keep the air conditioning at a minimum.

Polished concrete floors are long-lasting

Installing new concrete floors is an investment that will last up to 20 years. These floors last a long time as they are stain and abrasion-resistant and waterproof. The low cost, durability, and easy maintenance of polished concrete floors make them a good, energy-efficient choice for any business looking to be more sustainable. 
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