How to maintain polished concrete floors over time

Polished concrete floors are affordable to install, and will save you more money long-term if you are maintaining them. Proper maintenance can extend their lifespan. Depending on how much the concrete floor is used, it will need a different combination of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning.

At Custom Concrete Creations, we know the importance of maintaining polished concrete so it stays beautiful and lasts a lifetime. Concrete floors are easy to maintain in the short run and fairly simple to maintain in the long run. Below are some tips on how to keep your floors looking good each day, week, month and year to come!

Daily maintenance

Concrete floors are a top choice when it comes to flooring options because they’re easy to take care of daily. For example, if your retail store has polished concrete floors, you’ll have a durable flooring that can handle the foot traffic, and your employees won’t have to spend a ton of time cleaning it each day. You’ll want to clean any spills right away and dry mop the floors to remove any dust.

Weekly maintenance

To ensure your floors last a lifetime, you’ll want to use warm soapy water, or a pH neutral cleaner, and a mop to clean the floors every week. This will help get rid of any debris that has accumulated on the floor. Avoid cleaners with ammonia, bleach and vinegar as they can harm the polished finish.

Monthly maintenance

Taking an additional monthly step to really clean the flooring is well worth the time and effort. Daily and weekly cleaning are focused on getting rid of grime, but when it comes to monthly cleaning, you’ll want to work on removing scratches and surface stains. To do this, use a high-speed burnisher fitted with a diamond grit pad.

Annual maintenance

Taking care of your concrete floors will save you money every year, as proper care will save you from having to renew or replace your polished concrete flooring. All of the other cleaning you can do yourself, but you’ll want to consult a professional for annual maintenance. The company who installed the flooring will be able to recommend new cleaning products and techniques. Reapplying a stain resistor or finish guard yearly is sure to keep your floors looking brand new.

Come to us for your polished concrete needs

If you’re looking for an affordable flooring that requires less maintenance compared to other flooring options, polished concrete is the way to go! Custom Concrete Creations has tons of experience with installing concrete floors throughout the Midwest. We’re passionate about concrete and want our customers to always receive unparalleled service. Contact us today with any maintenance questions or to get started on a project!