Update: Polished concrete floors for kitchens

There are always new trends when it comes to interior design. New features and elements are often entering and leaving the scene at a rapid pace, which means that if you want to keep up on what is popular, it could get quite expensive. 

One element that has been growing in popularity is kitchen polished concrete floors. They may be gaining more popularity now, but they have always had a place in design. If you don’t want to have to worry about keeping up with trends and what is popular, polished concrete is a great option for your kitchen space because it is timeless. It is beautiful, elegant and it will last a lifetime, which means less upkeep for you while keeping your kitchen trendy. 

Pros of polished concrete

Low maintenance

One of the biggest perks about polished concrete floors is it is low maintenance. It is not completely maintenance-free, but it is easier to maintain than other floors. There is no need for waxing or applying sealers. 

Polished concrete floors are ideal for a busy kitchen that needs to be cleaned up quickly.  Homeowners just need to remove the dirt from the surface with a dry mop. You will need to mop the surfaces to remove any dirt or food particles.  


Just like a snowflake, no two polished concrete floors are the same. The possibilities of customizing polished concrete floors are endless. There are a wide variety of colors and textures. If your kitchen design is more rustic, you can customize the color to fit the warmth or even create a wood style concrete. Another possibility is to create a faux tile effect that can be etched or smoothed sheen.


Kitchens need floors that can withstand possible stains. Polished concrete’s protective layer makes it perfect against stains. When it is appropriately sealed, liquids will not make their way into the pores of the concrete and cause permanent stains. Not to mention, you will not have to worry about chipping or peeling.

Cons of polished concrete floors

Needs to be installed by a professional 

To get the flawless look of polished concrete floors, it is recommended to have concrete floors experts start and finish your flooring. They have the specialty to precisely create the proper concrete mixture that ensure your floors will not crack over time. Choosing the proper sealer is no small task. Leave it to the Custom Concrete Creation professionals.

Can be cold

A big argument many have with polished concrete is that it can be cold, but this can actually be beneficial in this situation. Commercial kitchens can often become very hot due to mass amounts of cooking. By having a flooring that is naturally a bit colder, it could prevent the space from becoming increasingly hot. Kitchen polished concrete floors are a great way to keep the space clean and cool. 

Can be uncomfortable

Polished concrete flooring is not the most comfortable on your feet for long periods of time. Your feet could start to feel the aches. The simple solution is to add a cushioned mat to where you plan to stand most of the time. Do not lose the opportunity to have the most durable floors available.

After weighing out the polished concrete pros and cons, contact Custom Concrete Creations. Our concrete flooring experts can design, install and protect the polished concrete floors of your dreams.