Polished concrete floors in hair and beauty salons

Salons need functional flooring to keep their productivity up. From the styling stations with vanities and chairs to washbasins and drying stations, salons have a unique setup. Polished concrete floors can give your space the elegant look you need to make your customers feel relaxed and comfortable walking in and out of your salon. Here are some reasons why we love polished concrete for hair and beauty salons!

Looks good

Hair cuts, colors and styles aren’t cheap. Customers want to feel like they’re somewhere elegant when they arrive at their appointment, and polished concrete floors are a great way to accomplish this. They look good! You want customers to feel great walking in and out of the salon. What’s nice about these floors is that they can be stained and dyed to any color, they have a glossy finish, you can add stencils for an enhanced look and you can create a one-of-a-kind look!

Easy to clean

Salons need a floor that is easy to clean. From hair to the residue of any products being sprayed, hairdressers need to be able to clean their flooring easily and simply so they can focus on their clients. Oftentimes their appointments are lined up back-to-back, and the space needs to quickly be cleaned for the next person. With the sweep of a broom, elegance can be restored. We recommend sweeping daily and mopping monthly or when needed.

Resistance to chemicals & scratching

Polished concrete can withstand heavy foot traffic, as well as the weight of sinks, dryers, chairs, vanities and any other salon necessities. It’s also moisture-resistant, can handle the chemicals in hair products and there are no cracks for any grime to accumulate in. Salons need durable flooring. Scissors and clippers may accidentally fall on the floor, and it's good to know your concrete floors won’t get scratched or scuffed if that happens. Hairdressers use hot items like hair dryers and curling and flat irons, and when dropped or hanging close to the floor, the heat will not cause any harm to the concrete.


A safe floor is necessary for salons. You don’t want customers walking from the sink with wet hair back to the styling station to ever slip. Washbasins and chemical colorants can create a slippery environment, and you need a floor that can withstand the water and keep your clients and hairdressers safe. You also don’t want a hairdresser to ever slip while holding scissors.

Install polished concrete floors in your salon

If you don’t already have polished concrete in your salon, it’s definitely something you should consider! Once they’re installed, you can walk about them within four to eight hours, so you can stay open and not be closed for long. You can also consider a coating such as epoxy, which has an even shorter downtime. Contact us today to discuss the benefits of polished concrete in your hair or beauty salon!