Polished concrete in Jet Linx at the Omaha Eppley Airfield

We recently completed an astounding 30,000 square feet of polished concrete floors, along with an additional 30,000 square feet of sealed concrete, for the Jet Linx project at Omaha's Eppley Airfield! Eppley Airfield recently celebrated the grand opening of Jet Linx, its latest private terminal. This remarkable facility, boasting 60,000 square feet of space and 28-foot high doors, is set to become a hub for large business jets.

A bit about Jet Linx

Jet Linx's new terminal represents a significant milestone in the company's growth. With its expansive hangar and modern amenities, including a comfortable lounge and well-appointed office area, it's designed to cater to the needs of both aircraft and passengers. The 28-foot high doors make it capable of accommodating large business jets, ensuring that even the most discerning travelers can enjoy the Jet Linx experience.

Jet Linx Aviation has made a name for itself by delivering exceptional service to aircraft owners and jet cardholders. In Omaha, where the company serves 14 aircraft owners and has approximately 250 jet cardholders, Jet Linx has become synonymous with luxury, convenience and efficiency in private aviation.

Why polished concrete floors?

Polished concrete, with its sleek and reflective surface, has become the hallmark of modern elegance. In the world of aviation, where precision and aesthetics are paramount, the choice of flooring material is critical. From matte to high-gloss finishes, polished concrete adapts to the unique needs of each facility, offering not just functionality but also an aesthetic edge.

Polished concrete is known for its durability, low maintenance and remarkable visual appeal. It's a flooring solution that can withstand the high-traffic demands of an aviation facility while still maintaining its lustrous finish. The reflective surface of polished concrete enhances lighting, ensuring the brightness necessary for precision work in hangars and maintenance areas.

The project didn't stop at polished concrete. An additional 30,000 square feet of sealed concrete offers enhanced durability and protection, making it the ideal choice for areas that may be exposed to heavy wear and tear.

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Polished concrete floors provide a strong and shining foundation for the aviation industry. As business and leisure travelers step into this world of luxury and efficiency, they'll find themselves on the threshold of an aviation experience like no other. Contact us today to learn more about this project or to discuss your upcoming one!