Polished concrete in the avaition industry

Choosing a durable floor for your airplane hangar is a must, as you need a flooring option that will both support the weight of the planes, as well as lots of traffic. If you manage an airplane hangar, investing in polished concrete floors will set you up for success in the long run. Polished concrete is durable and easy to maintain, keeping your hangar operable and looking professional.

If you’re going for a nice aesthetic, a perk of polished concrete is that there are many options for color and design. Polished concrete can easily cover large areas, and for a good price, too. Along with polished concrete flooring being durable and easy to keep clean, it’s also safer, light reflective, and stain resistant. Here are some reasons you should upgrade to polished concrete flooring for your hangar. 

Benefits of using polished concrete floors in aviation

One of the most important benefits of polished concrete in airplane hangars is durability. ou won’t have to worry about frequent floor repairs and your hangar becoming inoperable. The durability of polished concrete also makes it resistant to cracking, abrasions, and stains, keeping your hanger in professional shape at all times.

Polished concrete floors are easy to clean; sweeping and mopping are the extent of what you’ll need to do to keep these floors clean. Prospective clients want to see a clean area to keep their plane. Clients who need a place to store their planes have high standards and an appearance that stands out is key. Polished concrete gives off a glossy look, creating a space that both looks clean and elegant. 

Another great thing about polished concrete is that there are many designs and colors available to you, options you wouldn’t have with other flooring materials such as tile or quartz. Polished concrete is also light reflective, naturally making your space brighter. 

Among the many benefits, polished concrete flooring is actually safer than other flooring materials. Because of the planes and foot traffic, you need a slip-resistant floor.

Woo your perspective clients

Oftentimes clients who need a space to store their plane, need a space to complete any maintenance and repairs. Polished concrete is great for airplane hangars, whether it be for commercial, corporate, private, or military. Hangars are where clients store their expensive, valuable items, so they’re looking for somewhere that is safe.

Polished concrete might be your best bet when it comes to aviation hangars. You have limitless style and design options, they’re low maintenance, have the strength and durability you need, and you won’t break the bank finishing your floor with polished concrete.

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